Liberty on the Rocks Denver

Interested in networking with other freedom-loving individuals? Come on out to Liberty on the Rocks Denver! September has given us a bonus Wednesday, so we’ll be on the patio at the Uptown Tavern from 7-9pm!

This Wednesday will be Ladies’ Night at Liberty on the Rocks. The first girl to bring two girlfriends along with her gets a $25 gift certificate to the Uptown Tavern! But as always, liberty loving men are welcome too!

We will have the usual activism messages, including an announcement of the new Liberty on the Mountain group:

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Disclaimer: Liberty on the Rocks does not endorse specific candidates. Speakers/Guests do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Liberty On The Rocks.

South Bay Liberty on the Rocks Tonight (Friday) 7pm

This is a little different than past events as Sonoma Chicken Coop is a restaurant, but they do serve hard liquor, so it’s still “On the Rocks.” ;-)

Date: Friday, September 25, 2009
Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Location: Sonoma Chicken Coop
Street: 200 E. Campbell Ave
City/Town: Campbell, CA

Motorhome Diaries Bay Area Meet Up

Meet Jason Talley and Pete Eyre of the Motorhome Diaries and learn about their recent adventures.

The Motorhome Diaries is the story of two friends who took to the road in April 2009 to search for freedom in America. Along the way, MARV (the Mobile Authority Resistance Vehicle), Jason and Pete meet individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints at college campuses, homes, businesses and organizations that are united by one thing: increasing individual freedom and responsibility and decreasing the scope of government.


The open fire pits are between Fulton and Lincoln, i.e. across from Golden Gate Park. Please note that alcohol is prohibited by the STATE on the BEACH. Do with this information what you will. No one holds any liabilities for anyone else and all admins to this event are not responsible parties in any way. Though the beach does not close, the parking lot does, at 10pm. As far as I know, dogs are allowed at this beach and if photos prove anything, the MHD guys are dog lovers. 🙂


Ocean Beach
Fulton –> Lincoln
San Francisco, CA
View Map:–%3E+Lincoln%2C+San+Francisco%2C+CA

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Liberty on the Rocks (Red Rocks) Happy Hour

Next meet up,  Monday, October 5, 2009. Topic:  DA Fed…Monetary Policy or Mayhem?  with our special guest, Dr. Barry Poulson, Senior Fellow, Independence Institute and economics scholar and author, up on the roof!   5pm – 7pm, Old Chicago rooftop patio (145 Union Blvd., Lakewood, CO)

Join us same time, same place, every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month for “tavern politics in the tradition of the Founding Fathers.”

Disclaimer: Speakers/Guests do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Liberty On The Rocks (Red Rocks).

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Boulder Now Meeting Bi-Monthly

Liberty on the Rocks Boulder Chapter: A splendid mix of grass roots activism, libations, and good conversation. We are a group of citizens who endeavor to limit the reach of government into our personal lives, to ensure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Join us for a meeting of the minds to discuss ways we can further our cause of liberty.


Conor O’Neils
1922 13th St
Boulder, CO

South Bay Liberty on the Rocks (VENUE CHANGED)

This is a little different than past events as Sonoma Chicken Coop is a restaurant, but they do serve hard liquor, so it’s still “On the Rocks.” 😉

Please RSVP on the facebook group so that we can have an appropriate space!


Sonoma Chicken Coop
200 E. Campbell Avenue
Campbell, CA

Colorado Springs Liberty on the Rocks

Freethinking alternative to Democrat ‘Drinking Liberally’ meet-ups!

Happy Hour at Thunder and Buttons with Colorado’s Meanest Buffalo Burger! Come join us for a cold drink, laughs and good times while we solve the world’s problems one drink at a time.


Thunder and Buttons
2415 W. Colorado Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO

Northern Colorado Liberty on the Rocks

Join us for a casual evening of libations and witty political discourse!

Are you supporting liberty in some way? Supporting a free market cause? Open announcements start at 8!

So bring your family and friends for another great night of Liberty on the Rocks!

Meeting Date: Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009
Meeting Time: 7 PM- 9PM; Open announcements 8PM- 8:30PM
Meeting Location: Harmony Grill, 1544 Oakridge Drive, Fort Collins, CO

Democrat Makes Clear What he Thinks Gov’t Will do to Health Care Industry

In a magnificent editorial written in Complete Colorado, Colorado’s Complete News Source, it becomes clear what Representative Jared Polis sees for the future of health care in America if government run health care is passed.

Polis is a self-made millionaire, having co-founded his first company, American Information Systems, while still in college.  While he may be a liberal, he is no dummy when it comes to understanding what the free market can produce.  That is why this story, written by Todd Shepherd, editor and founder of Complete Colorado, is so dang interesting.  Give it a quick read to find out what Jared’s insights are related to the future of health care in America if Obama Health Care is passed.