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Have we really lost confidence in our ability to govern ourselves through the ballot box? What fools our fathers were if this be true.–Daniel Hannan, MEP

Vancouver Liberty on the Rocks

Join your fellow Canadians who believe in freedom and would like to see it spread throughout their nation.  Drinks, food, conversation and perhaps some plans on how to win the battle for liberty!

Vancouver Alpen Club
4875 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC

Northern Colorado Liberty on the Rocks


Join us for a casual evening of libations and witty political discourse!

Are you supporting liberty in some way? Have some information to share? Open announcements start at 8!

So bring your family and friends for another great night of Liberty on the Rocks!

Meeting Date: Wednesday, October 28th, 2009
Meeting Time: 7 PM- 9PM; Open announcements 8PM- 8:30PM
Meeting Location: Stonehouse Grill, 125 S. College Ave., Fort Collins CO

November 2nd Happy Hour Meet Up

Huddle Up!  with former Bronco, current political author (clue: he considers himself an “l”) and sportscaster Reggie Rivers!  Reggie will be doing a book signing for his newly released work, “The Colony, A Political Tale.”  (You can order on-line at www.ReggieRivers.com and receive a 25% discount by using the code Jeff61 )

As always, we’ll meet at Old Chicago, 145 Union Boulevard, Lakewood, CO, either on the upstairs patio or in the upstairs bar from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

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Finally, I got an option to push 5 if I wanted to talk to a person. I pushed 5.

I got several minutes of elevator music. Then I got another option, telling me I could push 1 if I wanted to leave a voice mail. I was assured I would receive a call back.

I pushed 1. I then got a recording telling me "sorry, English voice mail is not available at this time." The next sound I heard was a "click." I had been disconnected by the government.

And some people can't understand why some of us don't want the government running health care.

Let’s put these guys in charge of health care.

I just attempted to call the Arapahoe County Department of Human Services, Child Support Enforcement Services, on behalf of a client.

He had received a letter regarding child support he owed and a problem with his wage garnishment to pay that support. I was calling to discuss the issue.
The letter had a name and a number. I called the number and got a long recording telling me I could get the fax number, the address, information on a new $25 fee being assessed, information on the week’s court docket, and how to invest in foreclosures and get rich. (Just joking about the last one).
Finally, I got an option to push 5 if I wanted to talk to a person. I pushed 5.
I got several minutes of elevator music. Then I got another option, telling me I could push 1 if I wanted to leave a voice mail. I was assured I would receive a call back.
I pushed 1. I then got a recording telling me “sorry, English voice mail is not available at this time.” The next sound I heard was a “click.” I had been disconnected by the government.
And some people can’t understand why some of us don’t want the government running health care.

Ken Burns and opinion (based on…?) as history

Hat tip to the people at the Illinois Policy Institute for bringing this excellent article, regarding a comment Ken Burns has apparently repeatedly made while plugging his new documentary, to my attention.
Burns claims to have some insight into the Declaration’s subtext (personally, I always found it to be pretty straight forward). And it is, simply, […]

Pirate Radio

Richard Curtis. Bill Nighy. Philip Seymour Hoffman. Kenneth Branagh.
Via the NY Post’s Kyle Smith:
“Pirate Radio” takes place in 1966, when the BBC refused to broadcast much pop or rock — so a ship anchored just outside British territorial waters broadcast rock around the clock that half of Britain’s population (according to Curtis) listened to every […]

The ghost of Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson, a man so in love with upsetting human hierarchy it clouded his judgment of the French Revolution, once wrote, “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.” Which begs the question: why? And, is not the reflexive true, as well, then? Couldn’t the natural progress of things […]

Return to Free Market Best Hope for Health Insurance Reform

Those who think politics are boring have never watched a presidential address at a bar with a bunch of freedom-minded activists. I joined Liberty on the Rocks recently to watch Barack Obama’s speech on health reform. NPR reporter Jeff Brady joined us and contributed to a report broadcast nationally. A brief comment I made to Brady about insurance and pre-existing conditions provoked strong criticism and thrust me into an important national debate.

Brady asked about pre-existing conditions. I answered, “The idea is that it’s health insurance. And the whole concept of insurance is that you get it before you get sick, or before something happens to you. It would be the equivalent of not having any car insurance, hitting a tree, and then calling Geico and saying you want to sign up. It doesn’t make sense.”

Obviously in a few seconds I only had time for a brief statement, and not a full argument. I was surprised, then, at some of the vitriolic responses posted on NPR’s Web page.

One woman (wrongly) suggested that I “don’t know anyone that has cancer, heart disease, or any other chronic illness that can spring up in life at any given moment.” A gentleman said I am “ignorant, thoughtless, and misinformed.” Another man said, “This is ridiculous.”

I find it ironic that, even as the left demands civil debate, many on the left refuse to treat people with different views respectfully or give their views a sympathetic hearing.

Many Americans are concerned about the future of their health care and want to have a real discussion, so I would like to take this opportunity to explain my views more fully. Insurance is an important commodity that helps protect us from expenses of major health problems. It is so important, in fact, that we should restore a free market in insurance rather than expand harmful political controls.

In a free market, insurers and consumers voluntarily make an agreement to mutual benefit. When politicians dictate what policies and services will be sold and to whom, those politicians undercut people’s ability to reach insurance agreements that work best for them.

In a free market, companies that don’t take care of their customers risk losing them to a competitor, creating an incentive to provide the best service at the best price. When there is no free market for health insurance, there is less competition, resulting in less need to out-bid competitors for our business.

A free market also depends on the reliability of contracts. Once a contract between an insurance company and an individual is made, breaking that contract should be punishable by law. This means that if an insured individual’s coverage is dropped when they find a medical problem that was covered, they should be able to sue the company for breach of contract.

It is true that many people today with pre-existing conditions have trouble finding affordable coverage. But politicians, not a free market, created the problem.

Currently, employer-based insurance makes it difficult for those with pre-existing conditions to stay on the same insurance because it is not portable. Current tax law that favors employer-sponsored insurance over directly purchased plans makes it more likely individuals will be tied to their employer for insurance.

Insurance is meant to hedge against unforeseen, catastrophic events or illnesses, as opposed to covering every doctor visit. If it were, protection against major health problems or accidents would be possible for a majority of individuals and pre-existing conditions would be much less of a worry for those who need coverage.

Having a high-deductible plan coupled with a health savings account, as opposed to being tied to employer-insurance, would eliminate having to switch insurers for those with pre-existing conditions.

If we really want to address the problem of pre-existing conditions, we should fix today’s politically controlled insurance by restoring a free market.

Twin Cities Liberty on the Rocks

Join us at Applebee’s for some cocktails and great conversation about the importance of limited government, individual rights and free markets!  Liberty on the Rocks Twin Cities is looking for volunteers to help with this social group. If you’re interested, show up and talk to Scott!  Hope to see you there!


2152 Burnsville Center
Burnsville, MN