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The mission of Center for Shared Services (CSS) is to provide talent and opportunity for fiscally conservative nonprofit organizations. CSS seeks to identify individuals who desire to make a difference with their skills, talents, and abilities. Our goal is to create a positive experience for both clients and prospective employees.


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Next Meeting (05/06/2012)

First meeting for the month of May. Plenty to talk about that is going on as always. Including the U.S. Presidential race, Alberta election & Quebec just to name a few. Hope to see all the regulars as well as old friends and newbies are always welcome. Cheers for liberty!

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Today’s Denver Post Newspeak

The Denver Post has a front page article today on the city’s “Gang Reduction Initiative of Denver,” or GRID.

 The papers says GRID “is funded by a $2.2 million grant from the Department of Justice.”  This is Newspeak designed to make the federal government, via the Department of Justice, appear to be a benevolent, kind entity.

A more accurate and truthful sentence would say that GRID “is funded by the federal government borrowing money your great grandchildren must pay back.”

2013 Kick Off Happy Hour!

Join fellow liberty advocates for happy hour this Friday, January 4! Kick off the new year right with plenty of friends, great conversations and cold drinks.

We’ll be meeting at the Rock Bottom Brewery from 7-9 pm.
8980 Villa La Jolla Drive, La Jolla, CA

Happy New Year – hope to see you tonight!

Jack London Liberty on the Rocks

Come to the Warehouse near Jack London Square next Tuesday to meet liberty lovers of all stripes.

We are a social and educational organization dedicated to promoting networking among all free market and individual rights oriented groups in the bay area. In the future we would like to have fun educational events and expand the network to bring in those less aware of politics, economics and philosophy while maintaining our primary goal of bringing liberty lovers together over libations in the less-than-friendly environment of the Bay Area.

Global warming questions for true believers

Frank Tapy, in a letter to the Denver Post editor today, writes:

The giant corporate polluters who believe their profits would be threatened by legislation to protect the environment are unlikely to alter their denials; nevertheless, private citizens should not be threatened by an examination of available evidence.
Two initial questions for those with a willingness to discuss the issue: Do you understand the greenhouse gas principle? Moreover, are you aware that one of the products of combustion from fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) is the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide?

The answers to both of your questions, Mr. Tapy, are “yes.”

Now, I have some for you:

  • Do you understand that water vapor is a greenhouse gas?
  • Are you aware that water vapor accounts for 95% of the greenhouse effect on earth? Did you know there is no organized effort to cut water vapor in the atmosphere? Have you considered why?
  • Did you know nuclear power has zero CO2 emissions? And that somehow nuclear power is almost always overlooked by the “warmers” as a solution to CO2 emissions? And that the “warmers'” solutions somehow almost always call for additional government regulation of industry? Did you realize that when government regulates an industry it has the power to grant waivers? Do you ever notice now companies that get such government waivers invariably have donated lots of money to politicians in power?
  • Did you know the temperature on Mars is increasing?
  • Are you aware that the ice age occurred without mankind’s involvement?
  • Did you know the sun is very hot and has a considerable effect on earth’s temperature?

Thank you for your time.

Are There Limits to Privatization?

Join fellow liberty lovers on Wednesday, April 18 for social networking, cocktails and a lively discussion by Harris Kenny of The Reason Foundation on the topic of privatization.

Mr. Kenny will share research he has done to showcase the successful attempts at privatization, and will answer questions from the audience following his presentation. So get ready to push the envelope over the discussion of the ultimate question – what is the true role of government?

Plus! Stop by early between 6:30-7pm to participate in a new communications building exercise. We will be looking for volunteers willing to stand up and advocate for liberty (in the comfort of the bar of course!) – and we hope you will be one of them!

When: Wednesday, April 18 from 6-9pm
Where: Choppers in Cherry Creek | 80 S. Madison

Happy Hour Specials
$5 Burger & Fries
1/2 off House Wine Until 6:30pm

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CATO – Intern

The Cato Institute is seeking interns for the summer, fall and spring terms. Responsibilities include research assistance to Cato’s policy directors, assisting at Cato events, some clerical chores, attendance at Cato events, and weekly seminars and readings. Candidates should be undergraduates, regardless of major, recent graduates, or graduate students who have a strong commitment to individual liberty, private property, free markets, peace, toleration, and limited government. The monthly stipend is $700 paid in two monthly installments. Information on the program is available online. If you require additional information, please e-mail

[ For additional information on employment opportunities with free market organizations, see job banks at Institute for Humane Studies.]

CATO – Legal Associate Program

Use Your JD to Work for Liberty!

Many law firms are asking their incoming first-year associates to defer their start dates and are offering stipends for these associates to work at public interest organizations. Some law schools are also offering their graduates funding for a number of months under similar conditions. And plenty of new law grads are looking to get their feet in the DC policy door.

To that end, the Cato Institute invites graduating law students and law school graduates to work at our Center for Constitutional Studies. This is an opportunity to assist projects ranging from Supreme Court amicus briefs to policy papers to the Cato Supreme Court Review. Interested students and graduates should email a cover letter, resume, transcript, and writing sample, along with any specific details of their circumstances (availability, deferral terms/stipend, etc.), to Jonathan Blanks,

If you don’t have your own firm/school funding and cannot work unpaid, please apply to our highly competitive internship program (see directly below for short description and application instructions). Legal associates accepted through our internship program receive double the normal intern stipend and are responsible for all normal intern duties on top of responsibilities for the Center for Constitutional Studies.

Jonathan Blanks
Center for Constitutional Studies
Cato Institute
1000 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20001

CATO – Policy Analyst, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity

The Cato Institute seeks a policy analyst to work on economic development issues at the Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity. The position requires the candidate to have several years of public policy related work experience and skills in writing, editing and policy advocacy. Regional expertise on Africa or Central or Eastern Europe, fluency in a foreign language, and an advanced degree are preferred. The policy analyst will research and write in his or her area of expertise, commission manuscripts, organize and participate in public forums, travel extensively, and promote the work of the Cato Institute internationally. A commitment to Cato’s mission of individual liberty, free markets and limited government is also required.

Applicants should send their resume, cover letter and writing samples to:

Ian Vasquez
Cato Institute
1000 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20001