“We celebrate success.” Absolutely! But…..

Last night Mitt Romney said, “In America, we celebrate success, we don’t apologize for success.”

I’m down with that. It is absolutely true.

However, the problem arises when “success” is achieved via corporate welfare, corporatist protectionism and political favors to the politically connected.

That’s not real success. That is theft.

That is what, I think, the Occupy people are pointing out. They fail, however, when they concluded that EVERYBODY should get government favors. The answer, of course, is that the government should stay the hell out of the favor granting business.

Stop eminent domain abuse by RTD. Vote Dave Williams, District E

Eminent domain abuse by RTD is one of my major concerns as a candidate for Board of Directors in District E.

RTD has used the process to condemn land not just for rail expansion, but for developers to build near light rail stops.

While legal, it is immoral to force a property owner to give up his land so the government can sell it to someone else for development.

Vote Dave Williams for RTD Board of Directors District E.

(This is a nonpartisan election and will be on the same ballot as all the big races, like President and Congress, etc.)

“Last on the ballot, first in your heart!”

Find your RTD District here:


Next Meeting (09/02/12)

First meeting for September. It’ll be good to see everyone again, hoping for a good turnout. Plenty to talk about that is going on as always, including the U.S. Presidential race. Hope to see all the regulars as well as old friends and newbies are always welcome. Cheers for liberty!

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A serious problem within the “liberty movement”

What does it mean to be in the “liberty movement?” Well, I guess, it means you want to move society toward liberty. So what is liberty?

I suggest there is no better authority than Thomas Jefferson. He said that “no man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another, and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him.”

There ya go. Can anyone who owns a Gadsden flag disagree with Mr. Jefferson? I think not.

So, according to the father of the American liberty movement, liberty means man should be free to do anything that does not infringe upon the natural rights of another.

Once we start making exceptions to this rule, we have forfeited all moral highground. Once we say, “well, doing X doesn’t infringe upon the rights of another, but it is still such a bad idea, the law ought to restrain people from doing it,” we have opened the entire debate to what justifies exceptions to Jefferson’s definition.

Who would argue such a thing? Well, we all know professed believers in liberty who say they absolutely believe in Jefferson’s vision, but marijuana is an exception because smoking weed is too important an issue to leave up to individuals. The state must take control. That is why they oppose Colorado’s proposed Amendment 64.

These people no longer have any moral ground upon which to claim liberty as a reason to keep the state out of healthcare. The “progressive” merely has to point out he believes in liberty, too, but that health care is just too important to leave it up to individuals. The state must take control. That is why they favor Obamacare.

So, how can one distinguish between the person in the liberty movement and the person in the progressive movement in such an instance?

One can not.

This, my friends, is why freedom is dangerous. Live dangerously. Don’t be scared of it. Embrace it. Without exception. Can you imagine a truly free society? How great it would be? If achieving that goal means we – GASP! – have to let people smoke marijuana, is that really that high a cost? I say it is a pittance.

Another very basic example of “progressive” ignorance

Cynthia Tucker perfectly demonstrates why “progressives” base their entire philosophy on an incorrect premise.

They equate “charity” with “government.”

In her article “Ayn Rand is curious choice for conservative veneration,” she writes

[Paul] Ryan’s indifference to the plight of weaker members of society shows how the modern conservative movement has tortured and refashioned traditional Christian beliefs. There is very little of the teachings of Jesus — who told a rich man to sell all he had and give the proceeds to the poor — in a right-wing religious nationalism that holds the poor in contempt.

Ms. Tucker, and “progressives” in general, fail to see the distinction between (a) the rich man giving the proceeds to the poor and (b) having the state take the proceeds from the rich man. Ms. Tucker, and those that share her world view, see these two things as equivalent.

It is abjectly absurd.

There are many other things Ms. Tucker gets wrong, but they all spring from this basic error.

Happy Hour: How Gov’t Can Seize Your Property

How do we stop something we know nothing about? Answer: we don’t!

Stop by our next LOTR happy hour in Denver for plenty of networking, great conversation and good drink specials (till 6:30). We will be joined by featured guest Eapen Thampy, the Executive Director of Americans for Forfeiture Reform. We’ll hear a brief discussion from Eapen around 7:15pm. Networking and happy hour starts at 6!

Mr. Thampy hails from Columbia, MO, where he founded his organization in 2010. Previously, Eapen studied economics and mathematics at the University of Missouri-Columbia and worked in the wine industry.

When: Wednesday, August 15 from 6-9pm
Where: Choppers Sports Grill | 80 S. Madison St., Denver

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civil asset forfeiture

What is Asset Forfeiture?

Asset forfeiture laws allow American state and federal law enforcement agencies extraordinary powers to raise revenues through the seizure of private property.

As federal and state criminal and civil laws multiply and are enforced by ever-growing bureaucracies, asset forfeiture has come to represent the most serious assault on the right to private property in the U.S. today, and is implicated in a number of serious issues of law and governance, including the federalization and militarization of domestic law enforcement, the emergence of de facto private prosecution, the existence of the War on Drugs, and the emerging regulatory burden faced by businesses operating in the United States and abroad.

Next Meeting (08/19/2012)

First meeting in a while, besides first meeting for the month of August. It’ll be good to see everyone again. Plenty to talk about that is going on as always, including the U.S. Presidential race. Hope to see all the regulars as well as old friends and newbies are always welcome. Cheers for liberty!

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Join our August Happy Hour!

We’ll start another fun filled edition of Liberty on the Rocks on Thursday August 16th at 5:30PM until around 8:30 or so.  Join in at any time, stay as long as you like.  Mafiaoza’s Pizzaria, 2400 12th Avenue South.

Last month we had a great turnout.  Often July is a slow month with many people on vacation but we had to add EXTRA tables this time! Come see what makes Liberty on the Rocks so popular, meet liberty minded people and see how people are working together or just having fun.

COME BE A PART OF OUR AUGUST HAPPY HOUR, we can top 30 people this month.  No admission fee, great food, 2 for 1 beers and we promise a good time.


Seen above are people from A Disgruntled Republican, Copblock.org, Conservative Fusion book club, the Free State Project, Nashville Libertarian Party, the Metro Nashville Public Defenders Office, TN Campaign for Liberty an independent author and a budding documentary producer.  Other people are just like you and me, thinkers and debaters.

Past meetings have included locals like A. C. Kleinheider, Ali Bokari, Bill Hobbs, Ken Marrero, as well as national names like Radley Balko and members of the Ladies of Liberty Alliance.