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No time for a party

You are on a long trip, driving alone. It is night and you are on a two lane rural highway. You are getting close, but have another hour or so before arrival.

… you hear a horn and suddenly wake up. Headlights are coming right for you. You slam on your brakes, jerk the wheel back into your lane, travel off the road into a ditch and come to rest when you slam into a tree.

You wake up some time later. Groggy, you take inventory: no blood, no broken bones. You are alive.

Even with this realization, you aren’t exactly in the mood for confetti and champagne.

… and if Mitt wins, you shouldn’t be either. For the same reasons.

Learn Free Market Economics, Philosophy & Communications

Making the Case for Liberty 

Tickets are $10. Purchase yours today!


Hear from Professor David Barker of the University of Iowa on why our government is to blame for our current economic crisis. And what a world with smaller government might look like.

When: Saturday, 12/1 from 9-5 pm 
Where: Raccoon Nature Lodge | W. Des Moines
Who: Hosted by Liberty on the Rocks & Liberty Iowa

What people are saying about this workshop:

“Interactive methodology is far preferable and informative than typical lectures. Keep it up!”

“It was very helpful to mingle with others interested in liberty – particularly with the optimistic presentations on virtue and communications. Liberty lovers do not get enough on presenting moral arguments, so seminars like this are essential.”

“Thank you for this training. I feel more equipped to fight for liberty and free enterprise!”
-Lars Lone of the Wyoming Policy Institute

“I enjoyed this day-long seminar very much. It was beneficial in that it lasted a full day and everyone there had plenty of opportunity to speak out, be heard and ask questions. It was highly interactive, which helps me to learn and remember better. The suggestions on how to change someone else’s views were highly beneficial. I appreciate the opportunity to have been here.”

“Today, my approach to contemporary problems has shifted from a facts only approach to a personalization approach. I have also gained a greater understanding of the free lunch myth and how taxes are a form of aggression.”

“I learned how to approach people who don’t spend their time studying politics or economics and have an effective conversation with them.”

“I learned how to better explain the truth behind “price gouging” when it occurs during catastrophes like hurricane Katrina. I also learned how to respond to the claim that “women earn 30% less than men for the same job”.”


On Saturday, December 1 from 9-5 PM in Des Moines, IA, Liberty on the Rocks will present its fourth and most advanced discussion and activity-driven economics session. Through group discussion, activities, and our featured speaker, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of economics and philosophy in addition to how to utilize these arguments when communicating with others in today’s battle for liberty.

The seminar will be immediately followed by a networking reception with complimentary appetizers and non-alcoholic drinks for attendees, instructors and our featured speaker of the day. Lunch will be served, and light snacks and drinks will be available throughout the day.

Tickets are $10. To RSVP, purchase your ticket(s) here

Des Moines Workshop

Featured Speaker: Professor David R. Barker, author of Welcome to Free America

Location: Raccoon River Park Nature Lodge | 2500 Grand Ave., West Des Moines

Date/Time: Saturday, December 1st  9-5 pm

Next Meeting (11/04/2012)

First meeting for November. With the U.S. general election just around the corner, hoping for a good turnout, it’s been a while. Plenty to talk about that is going on as always besides the U.S. Presidential race but that’s primary. Hope to see all the regulars as well as old friends and newbies are always welcome. Cheers for liberty!

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November Liberty on the Rock

Hello world!

Welcome to Liberty on the Rocks Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Free and Independent States?

We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, … do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States….

From The Declaration of Independence, signed July 4, 1776, Philadephia, PA

“Free and Independent States?” What? It says that?

Indeed it does.

We, as Americans, celebrate the Declaration of Independence on July 4 every year. Most Americans know that the document declared that the thirteen colonies would no longer recognize the authority of the British Crown. We were, henceforth, independent of King George III and his monarchy.

“We,” however, were not the United States of America. “We” were thirteen free and independent states. Somehow, this part of the Declaration is not appreciated.

It should be.

Next Meeting (10/21/2012)

Second meeting for October. It’s always good to see everyone, hoping for a good turnout, plenty to talk about that is going on as always. This includes the U.S. Presidential race. Hope to see all the regulars as well as old friends and newbies are always welcome. Cheers for liberty!

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Mercatus MA Fellowship

Organization: Mercatus Center at GMU
Application Deadline: March 15, 2013
Name of Position: MA Fellowship
Location: Arlington, VA
Contact email:


The Mercatus Center MA Fellowship Program is a competitive fellowship program for students in George Mason University’s MA economics program who are interested in pursuing an advanced degree in applied economics in preparation for a career in public policy. Our MA Fellows take specialized courses which provide analytic training in applying economic ideas to solve problems in the world.

The Mercatus Center MA Fellowship Program is targeted toward students with an interest in gaining advanced training in economics, but who do not anticipate a career in academia. Students who anticipate working in public policy are ideal candidates for this fellowship.

The two-year program offers full tuition towards an MA in applied economics from George Mason University, a generous stipend, and experience publishing policy articles and papers with Mercatus Center senior scholars.


For more information and application instructions please visit the Mercatus Center Graduate Student Programs’ website (grad. or email


QE∞ Happy Hour

Quantitative Easing can now last for ever!

The good times at LOTR will only last a few hours but we hope some quantity of food and beverages will help ease the $40 Billion/month heading to the next induced bubble while your economic future and freedom tend to lag.

Have a conversation about monetary policy and other topics in a fun and free setting.  All ages, mindsets and levels of education are welcome to join discussions on freedom.

Thursday October 20th at 5:30PM until around 8:30 or so.  Join in at any time, stay as long as you like.  Mafiaoza’s Pizzaria, 2400 12th Avenue South.