Start a Chapter

Thank you for your interest in starting a Liberty on the Rocks network!

Liberty on the Rocks is made up of volunteers like yourself who wish to further free markets, individual liberties, and the philosophy of peace and freedom. Starting a chapter will allow you to build a community of liberty-minded individuals while spreading the word about liberty, economics and free markets.

What is a Liberty on the Rocks Chapter?

Liberty on the Rocks chapters are social and educational libertarian networks aimed at uniting liberty-oriented individuals as a way to expose ideas, promote peace and free markets, to provide activism opportunities and offer encouragement to individuals who desire to live free. Chapters meet at a local bar/restaurant and are social as well as educational in nature. Meet-ups must occur at least once each month, preferably on the same day and time.

While there are no set agendas to these social networks, the opportunities for providing educational information are endless. Chapter Leaders are free to experiment with their own networks (with some restrictions*), and are also provided helpful tips and strategies on this website. While some chapters grow to 50+ guests at every happy hour (these chapters tend to host speakers and featured guests who provide “Ted Talk” style discussions—ones that are short and sweet), others remain smaller, with 5-15 guests at every event. Chapters are most likely to succeed if there are 2-3 individuals sharing responsibility for the group.

If I Start a Chapter, What Must I Do to Keep it Going?

An online step-by-step guide is available once you sign up, and support is always available from the national organization.

  • Find 1-2 individuals to assist you with your chapter
  • Determine a location, day & time to host your meet-ups
  • Market your group
  • Attend your meet-ups (if not you, another organizer for the chapter) and make guests feel welcome
  • Provide guests with liberty-oriented information (there are many ways this can be done, including but not limited to: inviting speakers or providing educational literature)

What Are the Restrictions when Running a Chapter?

Liberty on the Rocks is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization, which means we must follow a few simple rules:

  • We cannot endorse or oppose candidates
  • We cannot endorse or oppose specific legislation
  • We must remain non-partisan

Additionally, we ask groups to steer clear from:

  • Inviting candidates to speak on behalf of their campaign (although they can discuss issues other than their campaign if they are an expert on a topic)
  • 9/11 “truther” propaganda (quite simply, it scares people away!)


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