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    Really great post! So many people don’t understand that it’s okay to cut your losses and change direction.I recently spent $10k and every dime to my name to make a game prototype, and it turns out, no one likes the game….so instead of moving forward anyways, I completely scrapped the whole thing and am making a new game with the character. Can’t be afraid to know when you’re wrong.Stephen

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    número de enlaces en del.icio.us a la semana tengan relación co una empresa. No va por ahí, los medios sociales se centran en personas y la relación entre ellas, entonces hay que permitir que estas personas, naturalmente generen buzz

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    “I doubt” instead of “I think,” you’re now saying, “I do not think that if I were powerful, it would’ve hidden.” In other words, “I do think if I were powerful, it still would have shown itself.” This may truly be what you meant, but I was under the impression you meant the opposite and that it was a mistake due to your use of triple negatives. Had you phrased the sentence normally in the first place, it wouldn’t leave the question. Also, notice how I corrected your sentence to “If I were…” rather than “If I was….”This is called a subjunctive mood.VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 9 votes)

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    I would *love* to hear your take on the “niceness” article, which I shall have to pass on to my spec. coll. curator and other librarian friends.And the Baskin/Hughes project sounds interesting, too. You could, you know, bring it to STS ’08 in Boston…?And I only wish I were in the market for a Philadelphia Falstaff…

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    Egyptians have done what I have seen no other nation could ever do especially considering the weight and value of this Mubarak to the west and its allies. Egyptians in their amazing revolution have send the whole world different messages on how to protest peacefully in millions and express themselves to the core..

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    Nice post. I learn something more challenging on different blogs everyday. It will always be stimulating to read content from other writers and practice a little something from their store. I’d prefer to use some with the content on my blog whether you don’t mind. Natually I’ll give you a link on your web blog. Thanks for sharing.

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    You’re not a scrooge. Hailey’s 2 and this will be the first year we’ve actually taken her trick or treating. We plan on doing about 3 houses and then going home. Trick-or-treating before age 3 is for you really…not for them.

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    content keeps on reappearing."A cache removal request will remove the cached version of a page until we have time to re-cache the page's new content. If you want to permanently prevent a page from being cached, you need to add a "noarchive" meta tag to the page."If the original URL is gone, the cached content still appears."If a URL is "gone" in the sense that it 404s, you can request that it be completely removed from our search results (which will include removing the cache).

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    Really? That’s annoying. I can’t believe it’s still a big deal in today’s society. Although now that I’m thinking about it… I think it’s more accepted in the ballet world that there are lots of gay men but then from what I overhear and read sometimes it seems that that’s one reason why a lot of people won’t go. It’s really disturbing how homophobia can affect an entire art form.

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    Todos tenemos derecho al beneficio de la duda… el solamente está comprobando y dando su punto de vista de lo que hizo.Si alguno no le cree, pues entonces haga un experimento por si mismo y mandelo a analizar en un laboratorio. Así nos duela, eso nos lo hacen creer la gente que vende esos aparatos (y bien caros que son) para vender, que es lo único que les intereza.

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    Jeg skravler for mye… og det gjorde jeg jo sist ogsÃ¥…Syntes jeg da. Kan ikke slÃ¥ meg i panna nÃ¥r sÃ¥nt skjer jeg…da ville jeg jo gÃ¥tt rundt med blÃ¥merke og kul hele tiden da …Og da ville jo folk virkelig syntes jeg var rar da…*slæpp* *slæpp*….Snart natta klem

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    And, in the present, Israeli Zionist Jews comprise the super-majority within the green line and desire to self-govern.Its simple.You want to claim that there are contending views of what is just, that comprise a tension, that is wonderful.The reiteration of the “historical injustice” invocation as if history doesn’t change reality, is reactionary, anti-democratic.So, I take it that you oppose the PA petition and the Hamas definition of accepting the green line as boundaries of Palestine, on the basis of international law?

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    Y.T.,你的理解沒錯,也謝謝你不同角度的補充。我確實是把上文提及的principle視為ontological entity,而這種想法,相信你也很清楚,其實就是柏拉圖所謂的idea或 eidos。現代人對idea的理解,跟柏拉圖可謂天壤之別:前者認為idea只是藉着抽象活動而存在於我們腦海中,而後者則相信idea不但實際、客觀地存在,且比感官世界更真實和恆常。當然,這類跟現代人格格不入的思想並不始於柏拉圖,因為前蘇時期的哲學家已有這種看法,如畢達哥拉斯派便把數字、幾何圖形等視為宇宙基本元素;至於在更古老的魔法傳統中,言語和現實是不分的,例如古希臘人的”緊釘呪”(katadesis)–即把仇人名字寫在小鉛片上,再召喚陰靈詛呪,最後把鉛片埋於土中–就是建基於”名字等同真人”的信念上。甚至中國的道家和《易經》都暗藏古希臘人的理型觀,只是很少人會留意到。《若望福音》首章所講的,我認為就是跟古希臘哲人一脈相承的秘學核心理論。太初(αρχη)、名 (λογος)和神(θεος)就是聖三的原型,也是宇宙最基本的三大實體。一般人極其量只相信神才會客觀地存在,但我認為太初和名(常名)也是”實在”çš„(即不僅僅是人腦海中的概念)。而最有趣的,是太初的意義:(1)她是此聖三中唯一的陰性名詞,其餘的名和神都屬陽性,這跟聖父(陽)、聖子(陽)、聖神(é™°)的陰陽比例不謀而合;(2)與傳統聖三不同的是,名(logos)是在太初”之內”çš„(εν αρχη ην ο λογος),而名與神既相對(προς τον θεον)亦相等(και θεος ην ο λογος),那麼我們可以進一步推斷,神與名其實都在太初”之內”,被太初所涵攝,換言之,兩大陽性實體的地位都在陰性原型之下;(3)αρχη一字,除了代表”太初”,也指”原理”,或許可以這樣說,第一理型其實就是αρχη(希臘文中那個α字其實已暗示了一切)。回到之前的話題,所謂”認識自己”、”認識真理”ç­‰,就是認識這”太初”,而這太初就是那無以名之的至上神(老子云:”無名,天地之始”)。Zeke之前提及《約翰福音》 10:34 中耶穌說:「你們的律法上豈不是寫著我曾說你們是神(theoi)麼?」對,我們可以成神(theoi),但還不是”太初”--對我來說,這就是人與至上神的根本分別。

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    Danas sako:Geras straipsnis. Reikia DAUG daugiau tokių ir visur per visur, tada bÅ«tų su laiku visiems geriau Manau Lietuvoje situacija su visuotinemis nuotaikomis pasikeistų, jei Lietuva bÅ«tų pagal spaudos laisvÄ™ kokia 110-a, jei butu draudžiamas, arba stipriai ribojamas medijos principas “raÅ¡om ir rodom tai, kÄ… žmonÄ—s skaito ir žiÅ«ri, nesvarbu tai tiesa, ar melas”. Å ioje vietoje spaudos laisvÄ— pasitarnauja bloguoju.

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    you’ve all met dec,right?art and culture are not two things that spring to mind…but your blog is up there,that’s for sure.well done,and a belated well done on tim skinner,which i got off andy the other week.i want a magistrate grudge t-shirt.

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    I thought I’d read that Winston had already resigned. He’s still hanging on?At the Privileges Committee hearing today, it became blindingly clear that Peters and his lawyer are shifting stories as fast as they can, for everyone except Helen Clark, it seems . So yes, he’s still there, pin dancing away.He’s no longer acting as a Minister, but he has not yet resigned his warrants, and he still getting his ministerial salary. Helen Clark is acting in his roles (Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister for Racing).

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    I am genuinely surprised that they’ll be serving wine with dinner. Not that I mind, I just didn’t expect it.I am really looking forward to having lunch here. We’ll be there less than a week after the opening date (but before the grand opening), and I’m hoping it won’t be too mobbed. Beauty and the Beast is my daughter’s second favorite movie (after Finding Nemo), and she’s had her heart set on Be Our Guest since we first found out about it. The pulled pork with green beans and sweet potatoes on the lunch menu is right up her alley.

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    mmm…..no se porque… he escuchado lima…. y ya me ha venido a la mente un super mojito…. que seria como hubiera aprovechado yo esas limas… y por muchas que hubiera…. seguro que no habian bastantes….. XDmmmmooooooooojjjjjjjjjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttooooooooooo…..bueno…. si te sobra un cacho….. de esa tarta tan original….. ya sabes que existe seur… mrw…..halcorier….. o correos…. jijijijiji

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    I’ve made zucchini muffin before, but never tried with banana. Sounds very healthy and I really like the natural sweetness from banana in here. And oh boy your frosting is beautiful! I never do frosting simply because I’d end up “ruining” the whole thing at the end. LOL.

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    I'm a Southern gal & have dated a few cowboys, they are insensitive hicks! I'll take a biker any day of the week! My husband is one sexy man when he is cruising down the highway on his very red CBR 1000, with his matching helmet & jacket. Yep bikers!

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    asbueno disse:Giordani RS disse:22 de maio de 2012 às 13:55Creio que era um demonstrador em escala reduzida. Lembro-me de tê-lo visto nas páginas ee um dos volumes de “Aviões do Futuro”.Na página está escrito “radio controlled”, então devia ser mesmo um modelo em escala.Lembro-me também de que sua origem era suiça.

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    I have seen Chinese looking like live, walking H. heidelbergensis reconstructions, complete with tiny forehead.After seeing such a one, traces of common ancestry could be detected occasionally in certain other Chinese.It was most disturbing, frankly.Those are probably traces of Homo erectus pekinensis aka "Peking Man" who was discovered in Beijing. Heidelbergensis was found in Europe. The Chinese believe that Peking Man was an ancestor of the Chinese and I think multiregional theory supports that.

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    Wow, Earl, I am seriously impressed! I’ve been dying to visit Afganistan for the last five years or so, it is definitely number one on my bucket list. This is the first time I’ve read about someone visiting on their own, just for the heck of it. I was wondering, based on your experience, what do you think it would be like for a woman travelling there? Would it be safe if I kept my head covered?Thanks, Jenna

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    it will stick to its low-rate policy till 2013 — after the next presidential election — to keep itself out of the political nonsense that's keeping a bootheel on the neck of the economy.But, without saying it, the Fed said it's Obama's moronic policies that are retarding the economy. Unfortunately, the obvious is not obvious to field's blind followers.

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    Oh, wow! That food all looks so good! Now I’m starving. I admit, though, I was so surprised to see the Belgian waffles – and so many varieties, too! I had no idea they were popular in Tokyo (though I shouldn’t be surprised, since they really are delicious).

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    Hyandra, os médicos e os fabricantes relatam que o preenchimento com ácido hialurônico tem uma duração média de 12 meses, podendo durar um pouco mais, em alguns casos. Ele é totalmente reabsorvido pelo organismo e os produtos de qualidade, quando bem aplicados, não produzem granulomas, ou são muito raros. Converse com seu médico para saber se o produto aplicado foi o ácido hialurônico ou algum outro produto permanente. Quanto ao tratamento mais indicado, só o dermatologista ou cirurgião plástico, após consulta médica poderá te informar.

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    There a number of intriguing points over time on this page but I do not decide if I see them all center to heart. There’s some validity but Let me take hold opinion till I consider it additional. Very good post , thanks then we want much more! Added to FeedBurner likewise

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    Look, the difference between the two situations you mentioned is that in the case of the starving kids in Africa noone is going to say that it is acceptable and it is not the result of any specific people’s decisions. With people, like you, are actually supporting it, so that is why I am here protesting it.

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    Mr. Cabo » n-am nimic, trollez pentru necunoscatori. nu imi zi ca nu iti place cand incep sa vina si sa explice cum tin ei tara in spate si cum sunt eu un mitic imputit… )))

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    Thanks, Richard, for stopping by. There was a little more discusson on the post where this link first occured, . I haven’t seen the documentary yet, but I’ll be looking for it at my local video rental store if it gets there via DVD. I’m sure it’ll fare better than my review of Grady and Ewing’s documentary!Regards,Rich

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    #7 cacrucil regarding the GOP failure to vote for the debt ceiling:Mr. Obama, while a Senator: “America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.”– Sen. Barack Obama, March 16, 2006

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    I forgot to mention James, I don’t read that rag (that’s the kindest terminology I could come up with) called the Washington Post since they fired Dan Froomkin for having the gall to tell the truth. That’s right folks, Dan Froomkin told the truth about Bush and Cheney and was fired by the Washington Post for saying it. The Washington Post doesn’t practice true journalism anymore, and if James and Simon were wise they would vacate that “publication” ASAP.

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    Hi Kimberly! Thanks for reading and for the acknoweldgement! Don’t look too hard for that truth. If you feel like there is something you are tolerating then it’s worth exploring but if not, enjoy that feeling. Of course, you’ll get lots of chance to explore when you start with your peer coach!

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    Der Zuckerbäcker ist mit Abstand der tollste Onlineshop für “Tante Emma Laden” Süßigkeiten. Liebevoll verpackte Süßigkeiten und eine riesen Auswahl machen den Shop perfekt. Zudem habe ich dort einen super netten Kontakt erfahren dürfen. Absolut empfehlenswert und lecker!

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    Bem, os destakes não desagregam automaticamente por jornal. O esquillo sim, mas fazendo a pesquisa nota-se que falta muita coisa. Realmente, se não existe já, era bom criar um agregador que acompanhasse saliência de temas e de pessoas nas notícias, com possibilidade de desagregação temporal e por orgão de comunicação…

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    Hi I found your site by mistake when i was searching Google for this issue, I have to say your site is really helpful I also love the theme, its amazing!. I dont have that much time to read all your post at the moment but I have bookmarked your site and also signed up for your RSS feeds. I will be back in a day or two. thanks for a great site.

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    My favorites:SusieCakes-their fntsoirg-filled cupcakes are my favorite. Try the peanut butter one or their flavor of the month.The Perfect Circle-red velvet or chocolate coconutSprinkles-everything is good there but I love the pumpkinEnjoy your visit to California and let me know what you try!

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    Ieeey! Nu mi s’a mai spus pana acum ca sunt o “genie” ::d/ .. dar ma pot angaja ca detectiv particular.. specializare- fenomene paranormale dar nici chiar atat de paranormale 😕 .. adica daca are vreun sens, il pricepeti voi, daca nu.. inseamna ca e din cauza somnului ratat azi noapte.. Tenx, Grim! pt compliment :DÃŽÅ£i place? 0

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    Dani-chan disse:Não que a gente saiba, Shigami-san… (O_O)Pode ser pelo simples fato dela ajudar de alguma forma o Watanuki… (ilusão, se não ela teria feito o mesmo com o Doumeki…)Tenho achado que a Himawari tem algo em relação a Sakura-chan sim…No anime, a Yuuko ficava toda hora dizendo que a Himawari não é a pessoa destinada do Watanuki… E isso não pode ser apenas por causa do azar que a menina passa…

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    – Annie, these muffins were INSANELY DELICIOUS! Great find! The smell while they were bnkaig was positively drool inducing. That’s 2 great recipes I’ve found here (Kahlua cupcakes is the other, have made them twice now). Excellent work, excellent blog!July 2, 2010 5:50 pm[]

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    Hola:Resulta que reuni los requisitos para el cobro de el bono de natalidad y mi empleador me informa que llega en la liquidacion resulta que nunca llego averigue y el cheque esta vencido hace dos semanas por mala informacion entregada por mi empleador ahora que puedo hacer si yo cumpli con el plazo de entrega de la documentación, incluso viaje ya que mi trabajo queda en otra ciudad.Espero su respuesta

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    I worked for Dell for 4 years, so you could say that I was an “enterprise developer”, but that doesn’t mean that the team is 50 people and everyone is shoved into a single role. Most roles overlapped, even in the big enterprise. Large enterprises are also hard to manage, so they are broken into departments. . . then into functional groups. What you end up with are plenty of small companies in one, so even large enterprises operate as many small companies managed as one.

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    Yes, but I would go further : considering how disastrous the last concerted G7 real meddling on the dollar (the Plaza & Louvre agreements) turned out to be, I would be extremely surprised if we got more than empty words anyway, even if we get to EUR = 1.60 USD & USD = 85 JPY soon…

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    Write additional, thats all I have to articulate. Exactly, it seems as though you relied on the video to achieve your point. You obviously make out what youre talking about, why fritter away your intelligence on just redeployment videos to your locate when you could be generous us impressive enlightening to read?

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    Hey Shawn,Somehow I had it in my head that Polica was from Brooklyn. Loved the show though. Channy is definitely a beguiling other worldly presence. I liked some of Supreme Cuts stuff but they were a bit uneven and some of the passages seemed to go on a bit long.Nice review.Larry

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    I thought the “eye for an eye” was a limitation on what you could do to people. For instance, if someone stole your bread, you could steal their bread at most. You couldn’t go to their house, burn it down and take their bread. It was regarded as a maximum limit rather than a minimum requirement. If you approach it as a max limit, you could get at most do to them what they did you to but that’s it. If you approach it as a minimum requirement then you have to at the minimum do to them what they did to you.

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    Vielen Dank für dein Feedback 🙂 Ja, ich zeichne auch gerne, aber wie du schon gesagt hast, bei größeren Projekten sind Layout-Tools schon sehr praktisch. Meine derzeitigen Favoriten sind MockingBird und Cacoo. Lumzy finde ich für Kundenprojekte super, da man richtig funktionierende Prototypen erstellen kann. Das ist für nicht Web-Profis sehr viel anschaulicher.Viele GrüßeEllen

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    CI, I think you will enjoy Walden. It is dry in places, but some of the stuff he discusses in his writing was very powerful for me. I think it has to do with where you come from. My financial life was a mess before. What I found in these books gave me a new way of looking at things and what I could do with my money vs. what I had been doing with it. Let me know what you think of it if you do read it.

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    Well what good the cutting will do if there will be the army of unemployed people from Eu bureacracy. Maybe new ideas for how to produce added value. With this added value further education and access to education and awareness and consiousness of interdependence should be raised so that older people, younger people, people that are not at the moment in the chance to express creativity gets the blessing to expand consiousness of interdepenedence. So that more wealth is used for education and personal transformation and stress built on fear for living costs is diminished.

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    go and play with your fail ass wp7 with a lock down ecosystem OS and lack of apps. God doesn’t bless Microsoft. Microsoft lies and talk shit like you, god bless Google. Android ftw. Your country sucks. So go crawl back in your cave in your country. Fag

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    You are right. Dr. Doughnut is wrong. The more I think about this the less able I am to see where he could possibly be coming from. We usually avg. 9-10 checks/day but with the new school year & concurrent chaos, it’s way over that right now. Maybe Dr. Doughnut would like to bring his bike over and follow Bubs to school, staying to keep a close eye on him at recess? Or prescribe the test strips. So sorry. This is stupid.

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    Hallo Wolfgang, vielen Dank für die gigantisch guten Tutorials!! Ich hab ein Problem mit der Navigation! Nachdem ich die topnav eingebunden habe und z.b. login oder einen anderen Link in dieser klicke, verschindet meine Hauptnavigation bis auf den “Home” Button.Wenn ich jedoch den Home Button dann anklicke, ist alles wieder da! Alle Caches und CoolUri Links hab ich gelöscht. An was kann das liegen? Vielen Dank im Voraus

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    Όχι, στο δυαδικό σύστημα 1+1=10 (το οποίο είναι ακριβής μετάφραση του 1+1 = 2 στο δεκαδικό).Στην άλγεβρα bool τώρα ―η οποία δεν είναι αναγκαστικά η μόνη που χρησιμοποιείται στους υπολογιστές:1+1 = 1 αν θεωρήσουμε ότι το + αντιπροσωπεύει το λογικό AND και το 1 το true.

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    im doing this also, look online for a hard drive transfer kit. in the kit there should be an external hard drive case for your old drive, cloning software, and a usb cable. also there are many tutorials out there that tell you how to do this. search for “how to clone a hard drive” or something along that line.

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    Потрясающе! Хочется перечитывать снова и снова… Такие авторы сегодня большая редкость.Пока прочитал только эту одну запись, если и все остальное точно также хорошо, то автору респект

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    Great post. Most people have a” just in case” for their home so they have home owner’s insurance. They have a “just in case” for their car so they get car insurance. Some of us even have a” just in case” for our phone so we get phone insurance but what about a just in case for our finances. If something happens to our finances then we won’t have the home, car or phone so it only makes sense and is more important to have some form of “financial insurance”.

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    Yksinkertaisesti: Syömällä terveellisesti. En ole sairastellut juuri lainkaan viimeisen vuoden aikana. Vuosi sitten lokakuussa jätin lihan pois (kalaa syön ja poroa joskus harvoin). Kasvisruokiin on tullut tutustuttua siis perinpohjaisesti, mukaanlukien tietty kaikki pähkinät, linssit, pavut ynnämuut!Olemme koko perhe (2 alle kouluikäistä, mieheni ja raskaana oleva minä) säästyneet kaikilta pöpöiltä tänä syksynä. Uskon että ruokavalio on tässä se suurin suojelija. D-vitamiinin saantiin on kiinnitetty erityishuomiota. Goji-marjat ovat myös meillä käytössä.Käsienpesun tärkeyttä on toitotettu kyllästymiseen saakka 😀

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    “Oh, Mas Joe itu seneng banget sama Zaskia Mecca. Oh, itu karena Mas Joe itu jilbaber-lover. Oh, menurut Mas Joe, cewek itu lebih cantik kalau pakai jilbab. Ah, kalau gitu aku juga mau pakai jilbab aja. Siapa tahu nanti Mas Joe naksir juga sama aku.”Lagi2 tulisan yg narsis, kekeke…semoga cpt dpt jodo yg kyk zaskia mecca ya, mas! BTW, sampeyan arab dudu, klo bkn arab ya jgn harap ndapetin yg kayak zaskia

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    It’s a great SUV (or SAV as BMW likes to call it). I had one for 3 years and it was excellent: very reliable, great handling, safe. Go test drive one. Make sure you take your dog. A friend of mine got an X5 and his large dog had a hard time jumping into the back.

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    AW:I should have written “you both should be thankful”, for that is what I meant.It is difficult to get one’s exact meaning across in print. Wait….it is difficult for ME to get MY exact meaning across in print. I feel you read more there than I put in, and missed what I meant.I do wish you and your husband the best, however.

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