A little help translating “social conservative” into “limited government,” please.

I am a fan of former state Senator Dave Schultheis.
However, this will have to be explained to me – Senator Schultheis was quoted in a Colorado Springs Independent article by Chet Hardin, “Anarchy in the GOP,” thusly:

“They [liberty groups] realize that if they start bringing in some of these cultural issues, that they will lose their momentum,” he says. “They are trying to find a common ground where they can at least agree. But what they don’t understand is that the cultural is all intertwined. You can’t have limited government be totally successful without the cultural issues.”

I do not grasp the last sentence. It seems contradictory to me. I interpret it as saying, “you can’t have limited government be totally successful without the government having the authority to tell adults how they must act in the privacy of their own home and the power to enforce that authority.”
Senator Schulteiss, as described in the article, is a supporter of the liberty groups. He is on their side. For that, he gets major props.
I, however, need some help in understanding his position in this instance.
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