A “Must Read” Financial Who Dunnit

Ever wonder how everything, financially, seems to have gotten so skewed? Ever have the sense it’s somehow related? Rolling Stone magazine isn’t usually a first source for financial analysis, but this guy, Matt Taibbi, has it nailed (hint: Goldman Sachs did it). From the company’s humble beginnings to its current, “figurative” jackboot on the neck of all taxpayers, it’s all here.

Warning: Rolling Stone articles use “colorful” language (read: curse words abound, including one “f” bomb). However, the analysis is a “must read” — the subject matter is too important for true free market advocates who suspect the financial industry has undue influence over policy makers.

And we promise, if you stick with it, through all twelve pages, the payoff is the ending missive on the real story behind the push to get “cap and trade” rammed through Congress (not to spoil the ending, but, follow the money…)

Hat tip to The Daily Crux, which provided the link.

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