Another very basic example of “progressive” ignorance

Cynthia Tucker perfectly demonstrates why “progressives” base their entire philosophy on an incorrect premise.

They equate “charity” with “government.”

In her article “Ayn Rand is curious choice for conservative veneration,” she writes

[Paul] Ryan’s indifference to the plight of weaker members of society shows how the modern conservative movement has tortured and refashioned traditional Christian beliefs. There is very little of the teachings of Jesus — who told a rich man to sell all he had and give the proceeds to the poor — in a right-wing religious nationalism that holds the poor in contempt.

Ms. Tucker, and “progressives” in general, fail to see the distinction between (a) the rich man giving the proceeds to the poor and (b) having the state take the proceeds from the rich man. Ms. Tucker, and those that share her world view, see these two things as equivalent.

It is abjectly absurd.

There are many other things Ms. Tucker gets wrong, but they all spring from this basic error.

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