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==> Nick Rowe agrees with me that Steve Landsburg’s analysis of paying down government debt is only true if we assume perfect certainty. (Steve I think would totally agree, and that’s why I said in my original post that this was an argument over specifying assumptions for the reader, not about the implications of those […]

Did Milton Friedman Win Two Nobel Prizes?

I was googling some stuff to prepare for my second lecture in my Mises Academy class on the Great Depression, and I was skimming Princeton University Press’ blurb on the famous Friedman/Schwartz monetary history of the US. I was surprised to see this: “Milton Friedman won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2000 for work […]

Question on Financial Repercussions of Secession

Something is puzzling me here. People who are willing to have a war to prevent secession argue that they are trying to prevent secessionists from imposing costs on everybody else. But what are the actual calculations to yield this result? Let’s take Texas for example. Depending on which estimate you look at, the actual GAAP […]


==> Over at Laissez-Faire I explain my Chevy Chase moment. ==> On carbon taxes, I report you decide. ==> My podcast with “Gadsen Rising.” ==> My podcast on “Patriot’s Lament.” ==> Markets in Everything: An insurance policy for libertarian […]