Bay Area Liberty on the Rocks

The folks from the Liberty on the Rocks Bay Area are currently looking for a venue to meet at inside of San Francisco.  If anyone has ideas on a good venue to meet please send an email to Theresa at

We had to postpone the August event to early September for two reasons.

1. We received many emails from a large number of our regular members who have schedule conflicts on the last two weekends in August and won’t be able to attend. In order to make it available to the maximum number of people in our group, we are pushing the event back until after the Labor Day holiday.

2. We were unable to locate an appropriate venue in San Francisco. The people planning the event are located in the South Bay and unfamiliar with the city. We didn’t get enough feedback from SF-ers to locate somewhere that would work, and internet research failed to produce a location that could reserve space for such a large group with no fee on a Friday night. In the event that we don’t get some feedback/help from someone in the city who can help us find a venue that meets our criteria, we are going to have to move this event to Berkeley.

I apologize for any inconvenience! Hope to see you all in September!



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