Liberty on the Rocks Happy Hour: Discussing the Financial Crisis

Join fellow liberty enthusiasts this Wednesday night at Choppers Sports Grill for happy hour, networking, and a brief discussion about the economic recession and the economy.

We will be joined by special guest Brian Ochsner, a political activist with an extensive financial background. He will provide a short presentation on the topic: “What Caused The Financial/Economic Crisis… What We Can Do to Get Out of It… and How Liberty Activists Can Protect Themselves From an Economic Downturn.”

During this brief discussion, Brian will reveal the causes of the financial recession, and share his insights on the only two options currently available to the federal government to fix our economic problems; explaining which option is the best, and which one is the most dangerous (guess which option our government has taken?!). Finally, he will provide tips and strategies for what liberty-minded people can do to protect their wealth and weather this ‘perfect financial storm.’

When: Wednesday, February 1st from 6-9pm
Where: Choppers Sports Grill | 80 S. Madison Street in Denver