Free Market Workshop in Northglenn!

Making the Case for Liberty (From an Economic & Philosophical Perspective)

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Are you a liberty activist who loves free markets, capitalism and limited government – but have a difficult time describing its myriad benefits and merits when talking with others?  Do you wish you could gain insights into the basic fundamental principles of free market economics and the philosophy of liberty by attending a worthwhile educational workshop that can be completed in a day?

Would you benefit from having one to one contact with “liberty experts” in a setting where you can ask them all the questions you’d like about free market economics, current policies or the morality of freedom?

Then this is the educational course for you!

On Saturday, November 10 from 9-5pm and again on December 1 in Des Moines, IA, Liberty on the Rocks will present its third and most advanced discussion and activity-driven economics session. Through group discussion, activities, and our featured speaker, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of economics and philosophy in addition to how to utilize these arguments when communicating with others in today’s battle for liberty.

The seminar will be immediately followed by a networking reception with complimentary appetizers and non-alcoholic drinks for attendees, instructors and our featured speaker of the day. Lunch will be served, and light snacks and drinks will be available throughout the day.

Tickets are $10. To RSVP, purchase your ticket(s) here. Spaces are limited!

Northglenn Workshop

Featured Speaker: Dr. Diana Hsieh, owner and creator of Philosophy in Action: Rational Principles for Real Life.

Location: CCU Northglenn Campus | 10190 Bannock Street (Dining Annex)

Date/Time: Saturday, November 10th 9-5pm