Harmful Effects of Green Energy

When our government picks winners and losers in energy… we all lose.

Join us on Friday, May 4th for a conversation about green energy in Colorado with Amy Oliver Cooke and Donovan Schafer of the Independence Institute.


Throughout the discussion (which will be followed by Q & A) you will learn:

  • How we have turned against energy production in Colorado
  • Why “green” energy is unaffordable, unreliable and a danger to our way of life
  • How environmentalists view ‘fracking’ – and why they are wrong
  • How oil and gas are beneficial to our lives
  • How to talk to others about these issues effectively

We will also look at and discuss a few video clips from the following documentaries:

Gaslands (View Trailer Here: http://bit.ly/9oFdUz)
Spoiled (View Trailer Here: http://bit.ly/IpQID4)

Social Networking Reception 5:30-6:00
Presentation and Q & A 6-7:30

Beer, wine and light snacks will be provided for guests. Seating is limited. RSVP to amanda@libertyontherocks.org to reserve your space today!

Location: Independence Institute | 727 E. 16th Street in Denver

“Green” corporatism is just as bad as any other corporatism.

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu is undaunted by the federal government’s massive and costly failure in subsidizing Solyndra.

He is still pimping out the “progressive” green corporatism of giving tax money to company’s that can not otherwise raise capital.

He thinks thin-film technology used in solar panels has “huge market potential.” No, Mr. Chu, if it had huge market potential, the market would fund it.

What the technology has is huge political potential. By giving tax money to private companies, private executives can buy beach houses and boats. Then those same executives can afford to support more politicians who, in turn, will give them more tax money for a mountain condo and a Mercedes.

It is beautiful in its corrupt simplicity.