NFL players don’t get promises they’ll start. Not even Tebow.

I am curious. There has been a clamor from some, including radio talk show host Dan Caplis, for the Bronco organization to make a public statement endorsing Tim Tebow as starting quarterback for the foreseeable future.

Can someone point out to me where this has ever been done anywhere? Has Bill Belichick every said Tom Brady is the Patriots’ quarterback for the foreseeable future? Did Tony Dungy ever make such a commitment to Peyton Manning? How about Sean Payton in New Orleans committing to Drew Brees beyond the next game?

I don’t think it has happened. In the NFL, every job is open every week. If someone beat out Brady, Belichick would bench Brady in a second. There ain’t much sentimentality in the NFL.

The 49ers traded Joe Montana when they thought Steve Young gave them a better chance to win games.

If Montana didn’t have a guaranteed gig, Tebow ain’t getting one either.