Announcing the Lucky Winners of Two Apple iPads!

Liberty on the Rocks is pleased to announce two winners have been selected for our recent outreach contest which came to an end today at 1 PM (ET). Congratulations to Chase Kronzer of Washington D.C. and Jason Walker of Colorado Springs, who were determined our winners upon a random computer selection. Chase and Jason will each receive Apple gift cards totaling $600 to use as they please (but seriously, we think they’ll get some iPads!). Jason and Chase, we hope your new electronic devices will make it that much easier for you to spread the ideals of liberty and free markets, from wherever you may be!

We would also like to thank the rest of the contestants for connecting with Liberty on the Rocks, whether at CPAC, the Students for Liberty conference or online. We hope to have the opportunity to work alongside you into the future to steer this country onto the path of freedom. With an ever increasing debt and the sparks of protest breaking out at the mere mention of cuts, it’s clear that our work has only begun. To maintain a free and prosperous nation, we must first convince our fellow countrymen that they too desire to be free. It will take time, patience, camaraderie, education and discussion. Throughout this long lasting battle of ideas, Liberty on the Rocks will be there to connect freedom lovers nationwide and to encourage and support education, involvement and activism.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our Apple iPad contest. And congratulations to our two lucky winners!

In Liberty,

Amanda J. Teresi

Join Special Guest Steve Klein of the Wyoming Liberty Group!

Join us for our first meeting of the New Year at Bitter Creek Brewing in downtown Rock Springs. Special guest Steve Klein will discuss a variety of Constitutional issues, focusing on state sovereignty and Health Care Freedom in Wyoming.

Steve Klein serves as staff attorney and research counsel with the Wyoming Liberty Group, focusing on health care freedom, gun rights, free speech and economic liberty. He’s licensed to practice law in Illinois and Michigan, and hopefully Wyoming soon enough. He has a bachelors degree in politics from Hillsdale College and a law degree from Ave Maria School of Law.

All are welcome and all are encouraged to come with tough, thought-provoking questions!


1st Annual Christmas Party!

1st Annual LOTR Christmas Party

PALM TAVERN Great selection of Belgian Beer along with fine liquor.
2987 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. in Bay View (neon sign in the window and the cross street is Rusk)

Bring friends! Gifts for everyone!  SILVER EAGLE RAFFLE!!!
Bring finger food if you can, since we don’t have George Soros funding us we have to supply our own goodies!

REMINDER: Wednesday, January 5th will be our planning meeting.  Anyone who really wants to get involved in the planning and choosing of events for the year please mark your calendar.  I haven’t decided on a quiet location for this yet.  If you can’t make it but really want to get more involved, just let me know and we can talk about how you’d like to be more involved.

In Liberty,

Stacy Kaat

Liberty on the Rocks DC: Holiday Karaoke Party and Food Drive! | December 16th @ 6:00PM

Thursday, December 16, 2010 · 6:00PM – 9:00PM
SoBe Bar & Bistro

3100 Clarendon Blvd. (In the courtyard behind Mister Days)

Arlington, VA

RSVP Here > Liberty on the Rocks DC

Join your liberty minded friends at Liberty on the Rock DC’s Holiday Karaoke Party and Food Drive at Sobe Bar & Bistro for some holly jolly fun.

Holiday Karaoke Party: Expect great drink specials, Karaoke Karoling after 8, Hayek talks, heavy decorations, and photo opps with Santa.

Bring in non-perishable food items to benefit DC Central Kitchen. For each item you bring, you’re entered for a chance to win a gift certificate provided by Sobe Bar & Bistro and Mister Days.

Location: SoBe Bar & Bistro is located at 3100 Clarendon Blvd., (In the Courtyard behind Mister Days). For a map, follow the link:
Metro: One block from the Clarendon Metro stop on the Orange Line.

Liberty on the Rocks DTC Happy Hour

Thursday, December 2 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Location The Slam Bar (back room)

9660 East Arapahoe Road
Greenwood Village, CO

Created By

More Info Come have a brew with our liberty loving crew as Liberty on the Rocks cranks back up again at the Slam Bar this coming Thursday. Happy Hour ends at 8PM. However, they have $4 Irish Car Bombs all night long.

For those who want to stick around, Karaoke begins at 9PM where $100 is given to the best male and female vocalist of the evening. There is a $1000 grand prize.

Please contact Orin, Paul or Amanda if you would like to be a guest speaker at LOTR-DTC.

Liberty on the Rocks is Politics Uncorked!

Local Colorado chapters of Liberty on the Rocks were recently featured in an article in the Colorado Statesman for a wine tasting event they hosted last September. The event was a great success, where 55 guests from all across the Denver Metro Area and as far away as Colorado Springs, gathered to celebrate liberty and to get to know one another better. The article, as printed in the Colorado Statesman, may be viewed in full below:

Liberty in a wine glass

By Kimberly Dean

A while back, David Kelly, president of the Colorado Springs Chapter of the group Liberty on the Rocks invited me to a wine tasting. Unfortunately, since I am based out of Denver it wasn’t possible at the time. That’s when he put me in touch with Amanda Teresi, co-founder of the LOTR nationally and president of the Denver chapter who apparently organized this particular event just for me. I was flattered. You see, they usually like to discuss politics over a few beers, “tavern-style politics in the tradition of the founding fathers,” but that doesn’t mean they don’t also like to drink wine, which is my preference.

The event was held at Water 2 Wine in Centennial, which is a wine store that produces its own wine on-site and allows customers to purchase wine with their own custom labels. The selection of wines was extremely comprehensive, with varietals from all over the world. Luckily I had plenty of time to make a choice since the main speaker, Senator Shawn Mitchell, (R-Broomfield), was running a bit late.

We sat at a table near the bar and out of the way of the regulars. A gentleman introduced to us only as “Adam” joined us and started to chat about politics. Since we had some time before the speakers arrived, I quickly became aware of the passion behind the belief system of those who frequent these events. Liberty on the Rocks is a non-profit “grassroots freedom movement.” Though each chapter has its own flavor, so to speak, the common thread tends to be “individual rights, free markets and limited government,” according to Jeff Sacco, president of LOTR-Red Rocks.

Jeff, by far my favorite person of the evening, did some research on the wine before the event. He brought a list with him of what he would like to try. His tastes tend toward red wines with tannins, so he sampled zinfandel, pinot noir, cabernet, brunello and a petit verdo. He liked what he tasted and said he plans to visit again. Sacco said his chapter of LOTR consists mainly of fiscal conservatives, and he likes to have speakers from all walks of life in order to introduce different perspectives and an open dialogue. If you are going to try different wines, you should be open to different opinions, as it may help turn your head.

Attendee Adam and my fiancé were soon debating taxes and the banking systems of the U.S. and the U.K. Gavin is from England, and not political at all, though he humors me when it comes to my “poli-wine” gig. After a while, an attentive bartender came over to ask what we were drinking, and I ordered a Riesling, of course. It was from their Estate Series wine selection, a Washington Columbia Valley Riesling, which I was told was the driest of them all. I was handed the taste of wine and enjoyed it, wishing I had just ordered a full glass, since there was so much action going on around me that I didn’t want to get up and fight the crowd at the bar for another. Having never been to an event like this, I thought I should keep my wits about me.There were three speakers that evening. The first was Amy Oliver from Mothers Against Debt who spoke about the economic crisis and how it will affect the future of today’s youth. “The new energy economy really isn’t working,” she commented. Oliver also said that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had recently been touted, “The most powerful woman in the world,” but that Condoleezza Rice might have something to say about that. In her house, Oliver said her kids know that she herself, in fact, is the most powerful woman. Oliver believes that “Government spending is not a family value.”

Amanda Teresi emceed the event. Before introducing Senator Mitchell she said that she is not a mother yet, but as a future mother, is “Effing M.A.D.,” using the acronym of that organization for emphasis. I thought it was pretty impressive that someone so young was so involved in politics at the grassroots level and so passionate about her beliefs that she created this non- profit for like-minded individuals.

Next up, the Senator re-iterated the feelings of Oliver regarding Pelosi and said of Pelosi’s tactics, “I’ll see your gender politics and raise you.” Further making a point about the November elections, the charismatic Mitchell said, “Election Day is when the fight starts, not when it’s over.” Though Election Day is indeed over, he feels that there is much to do to keep up the momentum of the cause. Mitchell seemed to captivate the crowd, but when he stopped in the middle of his speech to ask if everyone agreed with him that a member of the audience looked just like Reese Witherspoon, we all heard crickets. I don’t know, maybe it was the wine, but I thought it was funny.

A very nice young couple sat with us in between speakers, Jenny and Doug Gogel from Kansas. Apparently Doug makes his own beer at home, a pretty common occurrence here in Colorado. He raised his wine glass when David Kelly welcomed everyone and made a “Toast to Liberty!” The idea of making your own wine seems to be a relatively new fad with the arrival of Water 2 Wine. I asked them who they thought the majority of the audience was in the room that particular evening, and was told it was about half Republican and half Libertarian. Jenny said that many people in the room attend so they can become “activists in the fight for free markets or even have political aspirations themselves.” I asked how she has become an activist, and  she said it was by coming to events like this and spreading their message of freedom.

Matt Kibbe, CEO of FreedomWorks, economist and public policy expert, was the final speaker of the evening and went a little easier on the politicians. His view was that “You’re never going to change the culture in Washington. We just need to elect the right officials.” Kibbe went on to talk about the people who disagree with his general position on the economy. “They don’t get us because they don’t get freedom,” Kibbe said. He seemed to agree with Mitchell on holding politicians accountable, though. He added, “You need to remind them while they’re there (in office) to make the right decision in the first place.” Before she left, Jenny Gogel gave me a copy of “The Economics of Freedom – What Your Professors Won’t Tell You” by Frederic Bastiat. Many people in the room seemed to have a copy, and she thought I should have one, as well. As an open-minded person, I look forward to the read, and to going back to Water 2 Wine to try other wines on the menu. Gavin and I have tried the Stag’s Leap from Napa at the other Water 2 Wine location in Greenwood Village, and plan on making our own batch of it with our own labels (photos of our dogs) to give as gifts for the holidays. So drink wine and be merry. Until next time…

Liberty on the Rocks DC’s FIRST Monthly Email Update

10-19-2010 4-00-15 PM

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Book Highlight: The Creature from Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin


At our September Happy Hour and Book Giveaway, The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by G. Edward Grffin was handed out to our guests. The book offers readers a chance to read the “true” history of the Federal Reserve System. As the description on narrates,

Where does money come from? Where does it go? Who makes it? The money magicians’ secrets are unveiled. We get a close look at their mirrors and smoke machines, their pulleys, cogs, and wheels that create the grand illusion called money. A dry and boring subject? Just wait!

You’ll be hooked in five minutes. Reads like a detective story – which it really is. But it’s all true. This book is about the most blatant scam of all history. It’s all here: the cause of wars, boom-bust cycles, inflation, depression, prosperity.

Creature from Jekyll Island is a “must read.” Your world view will definitely change.

If you interested in obtaining a copy and are in the DC area, please send an email to

Liberty on the Rocks DC Rally T-shirts and Fundraiser

Liberty on the Rocks Rally T-shirt

Liberty on the Rocks DC is selling long-sleeve t-shirts for the Colbert/Stewart rallies for $20. $2 of every t-shirt will go to help the group organize future events to celebrate ways to further our cause of liberty. OCTOBER 21ST is the last day we can take orders to get the t-shirts ordered from on time. If you are attending the event, we will have organizers of the event outside the Archives/Navy Memorial Metro from 11-11:30 before the rallies begin and the After Party to pick up your shirts OR we can ship them to you if you are outside the DC area.

To order, please follow these steps:

-Go to Liberty on the Rocks national website at and the click “Donate” button on the upper right hand corner. You will be directed to a PayPal Account for Liberty on the Rocks.·

-Enter $20 as your donation and press “Update Total”.

-Enter your payment information or log-in information.

-After you click “Review Donation and Continue”, please click “Add special instructions to the seller” on the next page.


-Review your other information and press “Donate $20.00 USD Now” button.

-We will send you a confirmation email.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to Liberty on the Rocks National President Amanda Teresi at or

Your support would be greatly appreciated and help Liberty on the Rocks DC to continue to put on fantastic events!

Thank you everyone! We hope to see everyone on October 30th at the rallies and After Party!