An incredibly thinly veiled parable about the two party system and third party minorities.

A group gathered around a burning building. Some said, “This is awesome! Let’s add some gasoline!” A second group said, “No, that’s crazy! We need to put this fire out! Let’s add a bunch of dry straw and twigs!”

A tiny, third, group said, “Wait a minute. We agree with the second group that we need to put out this fire, but straw and twigs won’t do it. No, it’s not as bad as putting gasoline on it, but it’s still going to make the fire bigger. Let’s put water on it, instead.”

Leaders of the first two groups yelled at the third group, “Shut up! You have TWO choices! You can either help us put gasoline on the fire or you can help put straw and twigs on the fire! We are having a vote. What do you vote for?”

“Neither. We want to put OUT the fire. We vote for water.”

“Well, if you want to put out the fire, you better vote for straw and twigs. Otherwise, you are just supporting the gasoline guys. You will be helping the group that wants the fire to get bigger. You will be working AGAINST what you want, don’t you see that? Are you stupid?”

“No, actually, we aren’t stupid. That’s why we vote for water. Even if only 1% of us vote for water, we still believe that is the best – indeed, the only – solution. We will not vote for straw and twigs just because it is not as bad as gasoline. Even if you don’t agree with us, can you at least see our reasoning?”

“NO! You are helping the gasoline people! You are stupid!”

… and so the discussion ended and the vote was held.