Liberty Hour in Denver

Join fellow liberty advocates for food, cocktails and fun conversation this Wednesday night at Choppers in Cherry Creek!


Become part of discussions about capitalism, free markets, societies where no one rules with an iron fist – or whatever you feel like bringing up!

This week’s topic for discussion will be brought to us by our very own Patrick Kane, a recent high school graduate planning to make his way to George Mason University this fall where he will study philosophy.

Mr. Pat Kane of Liberty on The Rocks and the Open Government Institute of Colorado will be making a few short remarks regarding the mechanics of a stateless society in the American West. The information provided will be based off his senior thesis, which derived a large amount of research from the book, “The Not So Wild, Wild West: Property Rights on the Frontier” by Terry Anderson and Peter Hill.

Read a review in the Freeman Online!

This Wednesday we will meet on the patio (rather than the back room), where Choppers will be providing us with FREE APPETIZERS while they last! So stop by early to grab some grub.

When: Wednesday, June 6 from 6-9pm
Where: Choppers | 80 S. Madison