Next Meeting (12/16/2012)

Second meeting for December, last one before Christmas. Plenty to talk about as always, hoping for a good turnout before Christmas. Plenty of political news in the U.S. & Canada. Hope to see you there. Cheers for liberty!

Event Info

Last Liberty on the Rocks before the Mayan Fiscal Cliff


We are meeting a week early this month so everyone will have time to prepare for the obvious doom on the 21st.  Prepare for a night of lively discussion of current political, economic, philosophical issues, and remember that after the apocalypse, be it Mayan or Fiscal, 2 for 1 beers may no longer be a certainty.  So come on out to Mafiaoza’s on 12th Ave S on Thursday, December 13th.  As always Liberty on the Rocks starts at 5:30pm and goes until they ask us to leave.

Disaster Ignorance

It can kill, says Walter Williams.

School Lunches Are Sickening

If your kids go to public school, don’t let them eat the government food. Article by Brad Jordan.

Disarming the American People

Eric Peters on how it will be done.

Trying To Expunge the Deep Government

Egypt’s Morsi missteps, says Eric Margolis.

How To Spot a Sociopath

Mike Adams on the 10 red flags.

Liar, Liar, Nose on Fire

The real-life Pinnochio Effect.

10 Foods that Detox the Body

Edward Group on good things easily incorporated in your diet.