End the Fed Rally & LOTR Next Saturday, April 25

Liberty on the Rocks’ters may be interested in attending next Saturday’s End the Fed events. You’ll notice that two of our LOTR members will be speaking at the event.
As an extra…

Tea Parties Around the Bay

As many of you are well aware there are a myriad of events occurring Wednesday, April 15 in honor of Tax Day.
Check our Upcoming Events. LOTR members are organizing some around the Bay Area. Rob…

Photos from the last social

Thanks to all the 40+ attendees at our last social in SF. Below are photos from the event. Chris Rasch also took some much better photos and I’ll post links to them once I get them. 
A HUGE thank you…

Liberty on the Mind Conference on April 27: “California State’s Bankruptcy and its Economic Future”

Kishore Jethanandani, a very active and passionate member of LOTR, is taking the initiative to organize a public policy conference on the California economic crisis as part of “Liberty on the…

Next Social: March 20th 7PM @ The Chieftain Irish Pub in SF

Come one, come all! It’s been way too long since our last Liberty on the Rocks event. 
A lot has happened since early February. The Dow dropped to 1997 levels, we are continuing to see more and…

How Liberty on the Rocks is key to affecting social change

Just read Patri Friedman’s blog on the Distributed Republic’s recent ruminations on how libertarians can be more effective in spreading their ideas. 
I don’t think our ideas are…

Kick-off Happy Hour!

Supporters of big, unlimited government have been “Drinking Liberally” for far too long. It’s about time freedom-lovers show them how it’s really done…

Introducing Liberty on the Rocks Chicago!

  • What: Kick-off Happy Hour
  • Where: Sidebar Grille (221 N LaSalle Street)
  • When: March 4, 2009, from 6pm-8pm

Join fellow Second-City libertarians and free marketeers for drinks on March 4, 2009 from 6-8pm.


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A warm, cozy and intimate East Bay social!

Tonight’s event was perfectly lovely! We had 16 people show up for the LOTR – East Bay event in Berkeley. Everyone came with good cheer and attitude, looking for connections and…

Parking Info for Upcoming Event

Thanks to Theresa Flick for doing the research on parking for the next event in Berkeley.
Parking Information courtesy of Theresa Flick:
There isn’t a private lot, so aside from street parking…

New Liberty on the Rocks Site is Now Here!

Check out our all new Liberty on the Rocks website!