Chief Marketing Officer – Advocates for Self Government

The mission of the Advocates for Self-Government is to attract and persuade people to embrace
libertarian principles, and to help people communicate the ideas of liberty to the world.
This position offers the opportunity to play a key role in advancing liberty in America and the
world, by assuring completion of the program goals of a respected and well-established
organization that is working to increase the size and effectiveness of the liberty movement.
The first half of the organization’s mission – to attract and persuade people to embrace
libertarian principles – is largely the responsibility of the Chief Marketing Officer. (The second
half is largely the responsibility of the Director of Training and Publications.)
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The work of the Chief Marketing Officer will focus on two primary objectives:

1. Use the World’s Smallest Political Quiz to open the door into people’s minds. Attract as
many people of all social/political stripes to take the Quiz through an attractive new Web
site, Operation Politically Homeless (OPH), paper quiz distribution, and publications and
social media methods (“Quiz Proliferation”), and move them to our Web site.

2. Once they are on the Web site, and no matter their Quiz result, pull them as far as mentally
possible through the Web site to persuade them to understand and embrace libertarianism,
and then advance these ideas themselves (by joining organizations, becoming an activist,
and/or making donations to the movement).

The Chief Marketing Officer reports to the Board of Directors and interacts as a peer with the
Director of Training and Publications.


Goals and Outputs

The goal of the Chief Marketing Officer is to attract and persuade people to embrace libertarian
principles. The measures of success for this position are:

Objective #1 – Quiz Proliferation

Key measures of performance
# of people who take the Quiz online
# of Quiz app downloads
Supporting measures of performance
# of paper Quizzes distributed
# of OPH kits distributed
# of OPH events held
# of publications reprinting or referencing the Quiz
# of social media promotions of the Quiz


Objective #2 – Understand and Embrace
# of overall visits to Web properties

Time spent on the site overall
Time spent on each individual page
# of visits to individual pages of Web properties (to measure how people are being pulled
through the site)
# who take action after reaching various pages in the Web site (subscribe to Liberator Online,
become a donor, attend an event, etc.)
# of people actively engaged with the Advocates via social media – Twitter followers and re-tweets;
Facebook fans, impressions, and unique users reached.

Additional Goals, Outputs, and Measures

The Chief Marketing Officer will develop additional marketing techniques and methodologies
that will help the Advocates meet its mission. The metrics for measuring success will be
determined as those techniques and methodologies are promulgated and implemented. The
ultimate goal is enough individuals believing in and acting in accordance with libertarian
principles that we have a “libertarian culture.” How can we measure this?

Knowledge, Skills, Experience

Deeply passionate about libertarianism and dedicated to the goal of attracting and
persuading others to embrace libertarianism. The right candidate for this position will see
his or her role not merely as a “job,” but as a mission.

Actively engaged in social media and enthusiastic about developing effective ways to use
social media on behalf of libertarianism. The right candidate for this position will be not
merely “familiar” with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media opportunities,
but actively engaged with them and excited about the opportunity to put them to use in the
cause of libertarianism.

Outstanding written, analytical, and communication skills. The right candidate for this
position must have both vision and the ability to communicate that vision to people who will
not necessarily see (or need to see) “the big picture.” The Advocates Web site currently
receives 80,000 – 100,000 Quiz takers per month. These opportunities are to be captured and
capitalized on with your creative communication talents.

Ability to write Web site content, advertising copy, news releases, and reports. Ability to
write appropriately to represent an organization that has a long-term reputation for integrity
and intellectual honesty, and for being friendly, welcoming, persuasive, and civil.

Experience supervising Web site development. Demonstrated ability to understand the
language of web developers and computer programmers.
Demonstrated ability to prioritize activities, set and meet deadlines, accomplish goals.
Ability and willingness to plan and track progress toward goals. The right candidate for this
position must be willing to be held accountable for results. We won’t be micro-managing
activities, but will be managing for results.

Project management experience and proven ability to make things happen with limited
resources. A minimum of three years’ experience in marketing and publicity. The right
candidate for this position will be prepared to work hard and smart, to get a great deal of
bang for the buck.

Self-motivated and self-governing, with the demonstrated ability to exercise initiative, work
independently, and collaborate with others.
Thorough knowledge of the Microsoft Office software suite, InDesign, and the Adobe
Acrobat Creative Suite is essential, as is a high level of comfort with computer technology
generally. The Advocates doesn’t have an IT person.

How to apply:

Interested applicants should submit no later than Monday, September 24, 2012 a cover letter,
resume, and evidence of relevant experience as PDF files by email to:

Questions about the position may also be submitted to that email address.


Full-time position working on the Atlas Shrugged Movie Marketing team (may work remotely). Must be proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator and posses depth of knowledge in Web related Graphics and design. HTML, CSS, and Usability huge pluses. Experience with Adobe Premiere helpful. Responsibilities to include evolving the foundational Atlas brand, creating collateral and assets for print & web.

DO NOT send resume. Email ONLY links showcasing your work to: