CATO – Legal Associate Program

Use Your JD to Work for Liberty!

Many law firms are asking their incoming first-year associates to defer their start dates and are offering stipends for these associates to work at public interest organizations. Some law schools are also offering their graduates funding for a number of months under similar conditions. And plenty of new law grads are looking to get their feet in the DC policy door.

To that end, the Cato Institute invites graduating law students and law school graduates to work at our Center for Constitutional Studies. This is an opportunity to assist projects ranging from Supreme Court amicus briefs to policy papers to the Cato Supreme Court Review. Interested students and graduates should email a cover letter, resume, transcript, and writing sample, along with any specific details of their circumstances (availability, deferral terms/stipend, etc.), to Jonathan Blanks,

If you don’t have your own firm/school funding and cannot work unpaid, please apply to our highly competitive internship program (see directly below for short description and application instructions). Legal associates accepted through our internship program receive double the normal intern stipend and are responsible for all normal intern duties on top of responsibilities for the Center for Constitutional Studies.

Jonathan Blanks
Center for Constitutional Studies
Cato Institute
1000 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20001

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