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Thank you for your interest in starting a Liberty on the Rocks network!

Liberty on the Rocks is made up of volunteers like yourself who wish to further free markets, individual liberties, and the philosophy of freedom. Starting a chapter in your local community will help you build coalitions within the liberty movement while encouraging activism and information sharing.

LOTR networks exist to provide and encourage education on the philosophy of freedom, to promote individual liberty, and to foster coalitions and camaraderie within the movement. In addition, they are meant to be fun, both for those who show up and those who organize the chapter. So good luck, and welcome to the Liberty on the Rocks network!

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What is a Liberty on the Rocks Chapter?

Liberty on the Rocks chapters are libertarian social networks that unite liberty enthusiasts in bars and taverns across the country to share ideas about free markets, economics and individual liberty, while learning about educational outlets, opportunities, and best practices for furthering freedom.

While there are no set agendas to these social networks, the opportunities for providing educational insights surrounding the principles of liberty are endless. Chapter Leaders are free to experiment with their own networks (with some restrictions*), and are also provided helpful tips and strategies by the national organization. While some chapters become very well attended and invite speakers and featured guests (speakers are always brief), others remain smaller and focus on finding ways to become active in their community. Chapters are most likely to succeed if there are 2-3 individuals in charge.

If I Start a Chapter, What Must I Do to Keep it Going?

An online step-by-step guide is available once you sign up, and support is always available from the national organization.

• Find 1-2 individuals to assist you with your chapter

• Determine a location, day & time to host your meet-ups

• Market your group (tips and strategies will be provided by the national organization)

• Attend your meet-ups (if not you, another organizer for the chapter) and make guests feel welcome

• Provide guests with liberty-oriented information (there are many ways this can be done, including but not limited to, inviting speakers or providing educational literature)

*What Are the Restrictions when Running a Chapter?

Liberty on the Rocks is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization, which means we must follow a few simple rules:

• We cannot endorse or oppose candidates
• We cannot endorse or oppose specific legislation
• We must remain non-partisan

Additionally, we ask groups to steer clear from:

• Inviting candidates to speak on behalf of their campaign (although they can discuss issues other than their campaign if they are an expert on a topic)

• 9/11 “truther” propaganda (quite simply, it scares people away!)