Columbia LOTR Puts Their Heads Together for Liberty

This week we’ll be discussing the CPD SWAT raid & upcoming city council meeting. Let’s put our brains together and come up with some ways to get through to them on the points of individual liberty, full legalization, and law enforcement accountability!

Meet us @ the NEW EL JIMADOR on Forum Blvd. now, every Thursday evening for Liberty on the Rocks! (The change was discussed among several of our members at the April 29 meeting.)

El Jimador is centrally located, there is AMPLE parking, and they offer a LONGER happy hour (til 8PM!) with very comparable drink specials (beer AND margaritas :). This venue is also QUIETER. We like our Thursday time slot, but the downtown crowd can be difficult to hear each other over.


(The New) El Jimador
1412 Forum Blvd.
Columbia, MO
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