Liberty on the Rocks is a non-profit libertarian organization that empowers and assists liberty enthusiasts around the country in becoming better connected, informed, and involved. Through local chapters and educational events, citizens and activists can increase the size of their networks, enhance their understanding of economics and the philosophy of freedom, widen their knowledge of local and national educational outlets, and increase their opportunities for involvement.

Since its establishment in 2009, Liberty on the Rocks networks have helped connect thousands of liberty activists and have organized hundreds of educational opportunities. Currently more than 30 networks are meeting around the country and abroad.

All donations to Liberty on the Rocks are tax-deductible and go to support: local networks, advertising and educational events promoting libertarian ideas.


Please click on the ‘Donation’ or ‘Subscription’ button at the top lefthand corner of the website to make your contribution today (one-time only or recurring). We also accept Bitcoin! See QR code below.

Or, you can send a check, cash or money order in the mail. Please make all checks payable to “Liberty on the Rocks”.

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