Counter-Rally Against Socialized Medicine

Hosted by the R Block Party:

The astroturf groups of the “Progressive” left are planning a ‘Single-Payer Universal Healthcare National Day of Action’ to launch the big propaganda push for socialized medicine. In Denver, they will be rallying on the capitol steps from 10am-noon, with speakers like Sen. Morgan Carroll, ear-bleed-inducing ‘entertainment’ from the Raging Grannies, and even a pie-throwing contest at a ‘corporate insurance executive’.

Do you want politicians in D.C. to be persuaded by this phony grassroots activism into believing that the majority of Americans want a giant, expensive, inefficient, and anonymous bureaucracy making their healthcare decisions for them? That YOU want a massive new entitlement program and the corresponding economic costs, stagnation, and losses of freedom, instead of free-market reforms that can lower costs through competition and free choice and promote innovation through the profit motive?

If you want your voice to be heard, make up your pro-free-market protest signs and make your way downtown to the sidewalk across Lincoln from the capitol steps. Support real healthcare reform – reform which unleashes the positive power of the free market, rather than shackling healthcare with five-year-plans and rationing.

The location is subject to change, so watch this event announcement for updates or email or for more details.

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