Demanding that ‘the rich’ pay….

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The gentlemen on this show discuss the belief that the “rich” in this country should be (essentially forced) to “voluntarily” help pay to end the economic recession. If they don’t want to, we should create a list naming everyone who is “rich” in America, and to note whether or not they have paid any money to help the economy. Gee guys, should we add their address and telephone numbers as well? The ironic part is that this Dr. Brzezinski claims that they should do this to stop class warfare (that will break out due to wealth inequality). Yet do these statements not seem to invoke class warfare themselves? Demand that the rich pay?  Why do I feel like this is not the end of these kind of demands……? While this video was made over a year ago, another recently surfaced on Fox News that shows that some Americans are not giving up the idea that others should pay to ensure everyone is equal.

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