Denver 9/12 Rally

It’s always nice to be surrounded by those who understand the importance of liberty, and it’s even better when they are people who plan to fight for it.  That was the feeling I got from this past rally on the steps of the state capitol in Denver, Colorado.  There was a good turnout of about 1,500-2,500 people (I’m terrible at estimating, but I got the figures from a few other sources).  Those who spoke discussed the importance of liberty and the reasons why we must get it back in this country, as it has been missing for some time.

One of the speakers, Jon Caldara of the Independence Institute, made it clear that we the people are the last line of defense against the onslaught of socialism.  It will not be up to the politicians in the next few years to determine the fate of the country, it will be up to us.  And we MUST take a stand! Watch the second half of his speech:

Jon Caldara Speaks at Denver 9/12 Rally

I could not agree more with this assertion and so I urge everyone to do what they can to fight for freedom.  It can be as simple as using your voice.  Tell your friends, your family and your neighbors.  Educate yourself on the issues to be sure you can fully articulate the morality of capitalism and free markets.  From there, spread the word!  America needs us to fight for liberty  – so who is with me?

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