Denver LOTR – Activism Night!

Join your fellow liberty-lovers for a fun night at Liberty on the Rocks Denver! This is the place to meet others in the community who desire liberty and freedom, and those who are fighting for it as well. Find out how to get involved, who to get involved with and what to do to help end tyranny in America.

This Wednesday we are delighted to highlight two important groups that are working to spread freedom in Colorado. We hope you will join us to meet the activists involved and find out how you can join in to make a difference!

Here is who will be joining us this coming week:

**The Independence Institute**

Mike Krause, Director of Operations and Center Director of the Justice Policy Center for the Institute, will present information on Jon Caldara’s health care petition to keep Obamacare out of our state. He will discuss the petition, including what the consequences will be if it passes/fails to make the ballot and/or ultimately becomes law.

If you want to ensure that Coloradans, including you and your family, still have a choice about your health care, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

After Mike speaks about the petitions we can work together as a group to find a way to get more signatures and be a part of the solution for health care choice in Colorado!

Go here to read more about the initiative:
**Front Range Objectivists**

Ari Armstrong, activist and author, will be briefly presenting The Front Range Objectivists. He will discuss what the group is all about, why the group is important and how you can get involved with it! FRO provides individuals multiple fun and interesting opportunities for learning about Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, which is deeply rooted in the principles of freedom. Becoming educated with this important philosophy will not only allow you to better understand what is happening around you, but give you the tools to explain it to others as well!


The Uptown Tavern
17th & Pearl
Denver, CO
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