Derek Boogaard’s sad death and the counterproductive war on drugs.

What kind of sick individual gives his brother, just one day removed from drug rehab, an oxycodone pill? This kind: “Brother charged in Boogaard death.” Aaron Boogaard gave his brother Derek an oxycodone pill in preparation for a night on the town. The next day, Derek was dead.

No doubt the sad death of Derek Boogaard will prompt calls for an increase in government resources to fight the Drug War. This is akin to a blackjack player deciding he needs to place bigger bets to recoup his losses.
We all know how that works out.
Until we get past the absurd notion that more of a failed policy is needed to fix the failed policy, we will just make the problem worse.
The “War on Drugs” is the conservative version of the progressive “War on Poverty:” Great intentions. Disastrous results. An absolute, mindless and stubborn refusal to acknowledge the failure.