Does China still owe people for bonds it sold prior to 1939?

As a follow up to last weeks piece by the Blue Collar Muse he is hosting a call in show – here’s the scoop:

As some of you may have been following, I’ve been posting about China’s own real bond default that is costing US citizens $750 billion and the rest of the world trillions more.
The lady fighting this fight is Jonna Bianco, founder of the American Bondholders Foundation. She will be my guest tonight at 8PM Central time on TalkShoe.

Please join us there and find out not only another weapon China is using against us but how it can be turned to our advantage.

Call in to Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 and use Call ID: 95920 to access the call. You can also listen from your computer at this link and participate there in chat, too.

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