Earth Day happy hour kicked statist a$$!

Thirty Chicago-area libertarians and free-market conservatives gathered at Sidebar Grille in downtown Chicago on April 22nd to celebrate Earth Day in style. The event–-co-sponsored by the Chicago chapter of America’s Future Foundation–drew new faces

who enjoyed chatting liberty as they enjoyed drinks made of the Earth’s many bounties. Happy hour attendees had better watch out, however, as the first 20 guests received Liberty on the Rocks pins, featuring the black and yellow snake from the Revolutionary-era Gadsden Flag. This symbol has been deemed a possible sign of terrorism by the new head of the Department of Homeland Security.

(Click here to take the Reason Magazine quiz that determines whether YOU could be a terrorist!)

The only solution for Gadsden Flag pin owners is for them to stick together.

Join Liberty on the Rocks- Chicago’s Facebook group, and pop over to the AFF website to sign up for their mailing list as well. AFF puts on fun happy hours and informative roundtable events in Chicago, including the next one on May 20th: Marketing Liberty in the Era of Hope-and-Change.