Event: Ethics 101: Why Not Be the Best We Could Be?

Meet the author of Ethics 101: Why Not Be the Best We Could Be?

(This is not a Liberty on the Rocks sponsored event!)

Here is a unique book that answers the question that modern commentators refuse to answer: What path are we headed down that has people so apprehensive and what is the alternative?

The liberals want to make everyone dependent on government.  And when oppressive taxes makes healthcare, food, housing and education beyond the reach of average Americans liberals intend to make healthcare, food, housing, and education services guaranteed by government. Dependency on government is their intention.  The result will be a nanny state, growing tax burden, and a massive authoritarian bureaucracy. DUH.  Living as peons, slaves and welfare recipients is not a viable alternative.

The conservatives claim to be for “freedom” made possible through limited government.  They advocate reliance on the free market to solve all our problems.  They admire mindless consumption.  Their advice, go shopping.  It’s okay if you drive a gas guzzling car that emits poisonous gases.  If people are left suffering at the door of hospitals because they cannot afford health care, too bad, get a second or third job.  If you want to eat junk foods full of harmful chemicals, capitalism is what you should worship.  If you what to rely on corporate drugs to cure what ails you, less government is the answer.  The military, industrial, corporate, wall street complex insiders love it and fund the propaganda machine.  The path they are recommending is best described as pragmatic capitalism.  It represents the absence of any personal values and it is supposedly the only solution to the nanny state disaster.  “No” is their only answer to everything.  Just build more prisons; spend more on foreign wars to protect our foreign supply of oil and go shopping.

The current path we are being lead down represents some kind of convoluted compromise between nanny state ideology and pragmatic capitalism.  Then we are told to attend church ever week to seek forgiveness for our sins and trespasses.  It should make us nervous.  We are be brainwashed to living as mindless sheep in the land of OZ, controlled by the men in black hiding behind the curtain pulling the strings that manages everyone’s lives and money.  It certainly is not the inspiring vision that the founding fathers fought for.

There is an alternative. Best of all, the alternative does not cost taxpayers one dime.  It does not rely on the police, bureaucrats, legislation, taxes, building fences, or religions gurus.  Here is how we will know when America is on a new life sustaining path.  Anything goes mindset will be replaced by shared ideals revered, taught and expected of everyone.  All those junk food restaurants will be closing there doors and reopened by responsible adults as healthy food restaurants.  Freedom will mean exercising individual responsibility.  Respect for the values and vision on which humanity depends will be what guides people’s lives.  Ethics will, for the first time, be taught in our schools.  It would take about 5 years to fix all the excuse making and fear that currently plagues America.  Let’s get started on changing course instead of waiting on some politician, promising hope and change, or tax cuts for the rich, to do what only we can do for ourselves.

You may, indeed, choose to ignore the evidence, but eventually you are going to have to explain why you tolerated being lead down a yellow brick road, perpetuated by liberals and conservatives, that destroyed everyone’s opportunity of life.

Saturday, December 11, from  11 – 2pm at Calico Books in Broomfield.

The Calico Books store is off Rt. 36 half way to Boulder, exit at HWY 128; go north, on your right behind the Target Store in the Nickel Center mall is the book store.

See you there.

John Zaugg, author of….Ethics 101: Why Not Be the Best We Could Be?

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For more information visit…www.ethics102.com

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