Follow-up to Prop 8 post

I wrote a post a while back entitled “Is proposition 8 right or wrong?“.  I got a few comments on it where some people disagreed with me on my assertion.  One of these commenters was making the case that Natural Law Theory would not grant homosexuality as an unalienable right because human beings were born with a purpose.  This purpose is procreation. What I wonder is, does that mean a man and woman shouldn’t get married if they don’t want to have children or are unable to have children?  Should people be forced to have children if they don’t desire to?

What seems to be the biggest disagreement between us, is whether gays have a right to get married.  This commenter states, “I think we lose ground when we allow new rights to be fabricated which undermine the long standing traditions of western civilization.”  Here is my point: the longstanding tradition of America is freedom.  Having the right to proclaim your love to someone else is your right because you are not hurting anyone else in the process.   As I stated in my last post, everything that people do should be judged on whether or not they are taking away someone else’s rights by doing something.  What and who’s rights are gay men and women taking away by declaring their love for each other in front of their friends and family?  No one’s, that’s who.

Remember, we are all granted the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  There is no clause in there that adds “so long as you are procreating while doing so”.  We are all granted these things, period.  Meaning, yes, they are rights.  But only if you believe in freedom.