Free Market Economic Session Wrap-Up

On Saturday, February 11, Liberty on the Rocks hosted their first-ever free market economics training session for liberty enthusiasts and activists in the Denver Metro Area. So what was the result?

A fabulous educational seminar with more than 60 active and lively attendees! Some even traveled more than an hour to be there.

So what attracted so many free market advocates to a 5-hour economics course on a Saturday? We at Liberty on the Rocks would like to believe they were just as interested in economics as we are, and were there because it was fun! But while that may have been the case for some, many others more likely had other reasons for attending. According to the feedback we received (which was overwhelmingly positive), here is what we found people enjoyed:

  • Learning more about utilizing free market economics to promote the principles of liberty
  • Having access to the local leaders who appeared on our liberty panel (including Mike Krause, Jessica Peck and others)
  • Have the ability to socialize and network with other guests and panelists after the event during our cocktail reception
  • Engaging in activities and group discussion, rather than straight lecture

If you weren’t able to attend the economics course this month, you may still be in luck. We just might be hosting another (more in-depth) session very soon in Colorado! You can also find links to educational videos and websites below, which were provided as resource to guests after the event. And of course, please check out the educational links (some similar) posted on the Liberty on the Rocks website!

Educational Links:

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