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Freedoms Worth Fighting For
A Short Course in the
Founding Fundamentals

Dr. Thomas Krannawitter
Renown Constitutional scholar & lecturer

In this three part series of presentations and lectures, we will explore the principles of freedom and the first regime in history built upon them, the United States of America. We will also examine the great challenge of preserving and advancing those principles in a world dominated by human slavery and the great Civil War that resulted, as well as the deep philosophic critique of those principles by progressive intellectuals and politicians, a critique that has been largely successful in undermining the authority of our Constitution and shaping our politics, law, and government today. The goal of this series is to help us understand better how we got to where we are today, and how we might improve our efforts to reclaim the limited government and free society that is rightfully ours.

Each seminar is $30 or $75 for all three seminars

All payments final.  No refunds.

Time: 7:00-8:30 PM

The Vanguard School Library
1605 D. South Corona Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

For more information on
Dr. Krannawitter and to register please
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Please contact Molly Homec at or leave a detailed message at 719.235.5476 and your call will be returned within 24 business hours.

Dates and Topics:
February 1, 2012- Seminar 1: “The Special Connection Between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution”

February 15, 2012-Seminar 2: “The Greatest Challenge to Constitutional Government:
The American Civil War”

February 29, 2012-Seminar 3: “Self Government or Bureaucracy? The Progressive Critique of the Constitution and Modern American Politics”

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