Liberty on the Rocks Huntsville now has it’s own Friendica server, thanks to Chris Case. Friendica is an alternative to certain “creepy” social networks that are a little too cozy with the state. It is decentralized, and users have total control over what data is shared and what isn’t.

The Friendica Project is a world-wide consortium of software developers creating decentralised social platforms and technology for the coming post-Facebook world. We aren’t as flashy and well known as some of the other projects working on a decentralised/federated social web, but we’ve been quietly working behind the scenes to provide the most reliable, full-featured, and extensible alternative to the monolithic providers. [Read more here]

You can create an account at All new members must be approved by one of the admins, but if you’re a member of the group, or are a part of the liberty movement, I will approve your account as soon as I see it. Keep in mind, we just put this system up this week, so there will be some bugs and issues to work out.

Chris and I will give more details on this project at tonight’s meeting and answer any questions you have about security.


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