Government’s Responsibilty?

“Government’s Responsibility” a presentation by Dr. Leland Baker, author of the book Tea Party Revival .

Saturday June 26th, 4pm – 5:30pm 
East Library, 5550 N. Union Blvd.,
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Dr Leland Baker will brief five major topics: Constitutional Compliance, size of the Federal Government, States’ rights, Balanced Budget and Individual Rights. The briefing focuses primarily on making you aware of fiscal irresponsibility in Wash DC, and is also designed to help you understand the “why” behind “what” is happening to our personal and economic liberties. This briefing gives you the intellectual ammunition you need to fight against bigger government and more spending, so that our kids and grandkids do not become indentured servants of self-serving elected officials.

Dr. Baker will be signing his book, Tea Party Revival.

Liberty on the Rocks – Colorado Springs is proud to sponsor this presentation.

For more Info: David Kelly

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