Happy Hour Meetup April 19th

The Blueprint” — Hot Off the Presses”

Rob Witwer – Up On The Roof (upstairs indoor HEATED bar if necessary)

Quite a buzz about Rob Witwer’s and Adam Schrager’s new book, and GOOD NEWS for late arrivals – Mr. Witwer has juggled his hectic schedule and will be visiting with us later than usual, sometime between 6:45 to 7:00 p.m., leaving 5:00 pm on for catching up with friends on events and networking (what a week, and aren’t they all…) If you have to leave early, we have secured ten autographed copies of this hard to obtain book for you to purchase at a discount.

This book is a must read regardless of party affiliation and highlights the games the “Gang of Four” played to win Colorado seats. Be sure to read about the book in the Denver Post at http://www.denverpost.com/perspective/ci_14847759.    Come celebrate the 235th anniversary of the beginning of the Revolutionary War and hear about modern strategy for political “revolutions!”

(SPEAKER TIME CHANGE!  Mr. Witwer will be arriving LATE, likely after 6:45 pm — hope all can stick around for this one!)

Upcoming Events:

5/3 – Liberty on the Rocks, The Independence Institute, and The American Enterprise Institute will be hosting Robert Anthony Maranto, a co-editor of “The Politically Correct University”.  Mr. Maranto is the 21st Century Chair in Leadership for the Department of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas.  Details about the book can be found at http://www.aei.org/book/100020.  This event will be held at Liberty on the Rocks (Red Rocks) Old Chicago and promises to be our largest event yet!  We are hopeful to attract many of our local college students to provide some additional real life stories and insight, so spread the word to all your local college students.

April 19th Event Recap:
Old Chicago’s rooftop patio (weather permitting, if not, meet in the upstairs bar)
145 Union Blvd.
Lakewood, CO
Happy hour from 5 – 7 p.m.  Limited number of books available at 5:00 pm, speaker will arrive late, 6:45 pm or so
FB group: Liberty On The Rocks (Red Rocks)
Disclaimer: Speakers/Guests/Articles do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Liberty On The Rocks (Red Rocks).

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