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Liberty In the Books Pledge Campaign

Given the frightening expansion of federal controls over the economy, wouldn’t you like to see free market ideas make a comeback? Your pledge to Liberty In the Books (a project of Liberty On the Rocks) can help turn that goal into a reality.

At Liberty On the Rocks, we believe that the more people understand free market principles, the more they will support economic liberty and rights-respecting government. It is imperative to mainstream such information and encourage better understanding of it through dialogue and discussion.

Liberty In the Books — see — offers a great way to help meet the growing American demand for free market ideas.

This reading group program seeks to bridge economic theory and political policy. The Denver-area group has met monthly for over a year, reviewing classics such as Henry Hazlitt’s Economics In One Lesson and cutting edge works such as Thomas Sowell’s The Housing Boom and Bust.

Liberty In the Books also offers a great program for independent study, and we hope it will provide a model for discussion groups around the nation.

To keep this project going, we need your help! Please pledge $5, $20, or $100 or more to help advance economic liberty in America.

To continue and expand the program, we must raise $800 to fund the next year (twelve meetings and reading plans). This is a pledge program, so we will ask you to fulfill your pledge only if we successfully raise the total amount.

This pledge campaign will fund the work of Ari Armstrong, who has led the group since its inception in March, 2009. Ari, publisher of Free Colorado and a regional columnist, has helped select the texts and organize the Denver meetings, prepared review questions, and updated, activities which consume around eight hours per month.

If we raise $800 or more, Ari will continue his work with Liberty In the Books. If we do not reach that goal, pledgers will owe nothing, Ari will devote that time to other projects, and Liberty In the Books will either be discontinued or scaled back.

Though we expect the project to thrive over the coming year, if for whatever reason Ari (or a replacement) is not able to keep the program going, we will return funds to pledgers in proportion to the number of months not fulfilled.

Any funds raised beyond the goal of $800 will fund additional months of the program at the same rate.

The deadline to make a pledge is July 31. We will let you know on August 1 whether we have met our target, and, assuming that is the case, your pledge will be due.

Donations are payable to Liberty On the Rocks, and are tax-deductible.

If you agree that Liberty In the Books promotes ideas that our culture desperately needs now, please make a generous pledge today through the web form!

[Check back soon for the form.]

“‘You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read,’ said motivational speaker Charles ‘Tremendous” Jones. At Liberty in the Books you will read thought provoking books and meet intelligent people who want to gain a better understanding of our world through reading about economics, public policy and liberty.” -Brad Beck, founder of Liberty Toastmasters and member of Liberty In the Books

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