Learn How to Become a Citizen Auditor!

Liberty on the Rocks has teamed up in the past with Amy Oliver of Mothers Against Debt and the Independence Institute throughout Colorado and in Milwaukee. The result has been well over 100 individuals trained to be citizen auditors in their local communities along with a number of examples of government waste exposed. We are excited to announce that she is conducing another training on Sunday, March 6th. This event his being hosted by Jen Raiffie and the Tea Party Brewing Company.

From the FB event for the upcoming Citizen Auditor Training:

When: Sunday, March 6 | 1-3PM
Where: Clubhouse 1470 S. Quebec Way Denver, CO 80231

The state is facing a $1 billion budget shortfall. Local governments (including school districts) are claiming poverty. We want to help by encouraging citizens to become active in exposing how the government spends our money and how they can provide cost savings for government.

Amy will teach concerned citizens how to use the state’s Transparency Online Project (TOP) web site, our Vendor Web site and how to submit a CORA request. They will also touch on local budgets and school districts as well. Using these tools, the Institute will encourage attendees to search for particular expenditures and to get as much detailed information about them as possible

Come learn how to be a citizen auditor and hold your elected officials accoutable. Amy Oliver will present this free 2 hour training session. If you are concerned about Broomfield City Council, Jefferson County School Board, and other elected officials, please come. Learn how to demand transparency and create transparency. This is what we need to combat ICLEI, Agenda 21, School Boards who are failing our kids in favor of Unions, and legislators with a progressive and socialist agenda. Call them out!

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