Want to Win $1,000 for Communicating Liberty?

How do you communicate about liberty so the average American understands? How do you best deliver a quick message that can win in the marketplace of ideas? Liberty on The Rocks and America’s Future Foundation wants to give you chance to communicate liberty and win money! The “Let’s Talk Competition” is designed to help communicate our principles to our friends, family, and community – to influence and win hearts and minds. Each participant will have the chance to practice communicating issues on an emotional and engaging level, with $1,750 in cash up for grabs going to the top 3!

Each competitor will give a 2 minute recorded speech promoting liberty. Some examples of topics:

  • Communicate free-market solutions to America’s healthcare woes so your neighbor can understand what healthcare could look like

  • Explain why property rights are important and affect the average American

  • Discuss the importance and need to give parents more options over education

  • Share how free-markets help struggling people, and how policies like the minimum wage actually hurt those individuals

  • Explain how free-market principles make our environment healthier than one size fits all solutions from the federal government

Whatever topic you choose (and it is entirely up to you, sky’s the limit!), participants are encouraged to tell a story, personalize the topic, and use emotional arguments to communicate these ideas to the average American. We’re not looking for graphs and economics buzzwords, we want a message that speaks to the heart of the general public.

How to Enter

Competitors must record a video and submit it to LOTR by midnight on December 15th. Video quality is not a concern, so don’t let that stop you! Record yourself on your phone, computer, whatever is easiest!

SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS HERE: https://americasfuture.wufoo.com/forms/zw3gv1i0nbzr5o/

Participants choosing to give a talk on November 16th must email amanda@libertyontherocks.org no later than November 15th to let us know!

Choosing Finalists and Winners

The top three finalists will be decided by December 20th (chosen by a panel of Liberty on the Rocks and America’s Future Foundation staff/members) and will appear IN PERSON during a moderated panel event finals on January 26th at the Independence Institute. A panel of judges from Liberty on the Rocks and America’s Future Foundation will vote to determine the winners. Winners will be announced live and prize amounts for the top three participants are $1,000 for first place, $500 for second place, and $250 for third place, provided by AFF.