Liberty Drinks Visits Porcfest 2011 plus Thursday Night Party 6/23

Details at: or

Official Liberty Drinks Party @ Porcfest Thursday June 23 @ 9PM @ Camp # 82. if you have any problem finding us, call or text at 617-398-7402

(For carpooling/campsite sharing see link at bottom of page)

Liberty Drinks Boston is heading to Porcfest 2011! Porcfest is one of the largest liberty events in the world, featuring food,weed, socializing, music, guns, agorism, speakers, etc. Join us there or become a part of the convoy traveling from MA.

Make sure to get your Porcfest tickets and reserve a campsite by calling Rogers Campground (the campground’s website won’t show you special reserved campsites for Porcfest, so don’t be fooled if their site shows no vacancies)! Also check the spreadsheet for folks sharing camp space!

2011 Porcupine Freedom Festival

June 20 – June 26, 2011
Roger’s Campground and Motel in beautiful Lancaster, NH

Porcfest calendar (what’s happening during the event):

To become a part of our convoy (for carpooling/sharing accommodations) please fill out if you can offer or need a ride at: At the page:

DRIVERS: state when you plan to leave and return and how many additional people you can take
CAMPERS: how many additional people you will allow on your campsite (optional coordination of tent accomodations!)

Again convoy link is:

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