Liberty In Our Lifetime

      Last night was a very interesting night. Elections tend to be. But what exactly did we see? While the world focused the presidential race, some very key things were happening in other races across the nation and even here in Alabama.

      While I am amused that we, yet again, have a worthless Congress and that Obama must have used his magic drone strike abilities on the GOP (or the GOP destroyed themselves); I want to focus more on the ballot measures that were passed at the state level. While Federal level activities are passable for overall discussion, it is often boring and blatantly “bought and paid for” by deep pockets for it to matter to the everyday person unless there is a talking head on TV ranting about it.

      Three things caught my eye on the ballot measures portion of Politico, which seemed to be covering key issues of those states pretty well. They are as follows:

 1. Prop 37 in California

     The fact that this failed (by the same voters who also voted to raise their own income tax…go figure) to pass really truly stands out as an enigma. Monsanto and other companies spent millions to prevent this law, which would require GMO foods to be labeled, allowing for consumers to be warned on the packaging that GMOs are present in the food they are about to eat. The most “leftist” state in our country, was bought out by special interest groups… and the same ones they say they hate. It was an epic win for Big Corporations in California last night and another show that government can not protect you.

      However, this can be looked at as a good thing if people take a step back and reassess. Relying on the state to protect you has failed and socialistic process was inept to protect you because cash is always king… what happens next? The people take responsibility for protecting each other into their own hands and take the fight to the street to prevent others from buying these products. Not through government force or use of violence, but through education and exchange of ideas which is the true bastion of change in our society. We can look at this as a failure or as a chance to take our own health and welfare into our hands and economically drain these deep pockets dry while maintaining a non-violent and pro-liberty stance.

 2. Colorado and Washington legalize Marijuana

      A very significant moment in the time line of liberty. While we live in a “free” nation (which has more laws and people in jail per capita than most countries combined…. go ahead… chew on that for a second…), the “freedom” to ingest an item is still one we are fighting today. Why is that? Even with science trumpeting the positive medical and personal benefits of an herb, the majority feel that its dangerous (as they pop a pill and drink a beer) and feel they have the right to dictate to others about how to live their life. It baffles me how we still fight this battle or how people are still blind to the negative impact of “mob rule”.

     However, these two states still have to contend with the Federal government and their over reaching, non-Constitutional “law” that makes it illegal from the federal standpoint to grow, possess and resale a plant. So, what do you do in this situation? Not a situation many in “control” like to think about.

     What you will end up seeing, most likely, is either a passive “thumbing of the nose” to the Feds (and the subsequent raids on poor old ladies and other easy targets) or an aggressive stance, whereby law enforcement would be able to arrest anyone who impedes on the lawful action of another, causing a showdown between local and federal governments. As the “right” has used the 10th Amendment to nullify Obamacare by making it illegal to force anyone to purchase insurance, it is not too far out of the question for these states to also enact the 10th Amendment and nullify the federal law in that state. The question here is, will these states have the testicular fortitude to tell Washington where to go and how to get there? I would be surprised to actually see this happen, however the movement is making strides in the right direction by turning basic decisions about one’s self back to the individual. It is only a step in a long, tedious journey. Maybe its more of a death march, which is most likely the case with Alabama.

 3. Gay Marriage in Maine, Maryland, Washington and Minnesota

     Finally, we are seeing some movement in basic human rights at the state levels. Three of the above state legalized it and one (Minnesota) voted against a ban, which isn’t allowing gay marriage as much as it is saying “eh…. we aren’t going to say no…” as they go back into discussions.

    We are at a crossroads in our society where we are evolving just as we were back in the 50′s and 60′s when interracial marriage and desegregation was the next step in our process . With the increase in knowledge, we are out growing preconceived notions and bigotry hidden behind the veil of religion. With information at our finger tips and open dialogue, we are seeing old and archaic concepts dying away while more people are becoming honest with themselves. What does this mean for liberty? Nothing at the moment, but it does give a glimpse of hope that some people are becoming ready to shake off the need for governmental micromanagement in the lives of others and allow people to be themselves.

    In order to see it here in Alabama anytime before hell freezes over, we need a firestorm of liberty to hit this state and have more people come to the realization that in order for the person to be free, that person must also allow others to be free. Liberty allows for subjective deviancy because there is no absolute moral code that we all abide by. Just because we allow for deviancy doesn’t mean we condone or support it, only the environment for the liberty to grow. We may think of it as good or bad and that is our right as individuals, however we have no right to deprive the rights of liberty from others over ideological differences.

    Will we see true liberty in our lifetime? Probably not, barring some major incident that forces us to operate as truly free individuals; however, the fact that there are steps being made shows people are thinking…. something that hasn’t been done in ages.

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