Liberty lost? Respect, never trust…

On March 23, 1775, exactly 235 years to the day before the Health Care Reform bill was signed into law, one of the most influential and radical advocates of the American Revolution, Patrick Henry closed his speech  on that day with these words:   Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?  Forbid it, Almighty God!  I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

Liberty … Have you lost your Liberty?  Regardless of what you may think or feel, recent unconstitutional legislation, passed and signed into law, can give you no other answer to the question, have you lost your Liberty ?  Yes, yes you have lost a major part of your personal liberties and freedom guaranteed to you by the Constitution and by our Creator granted to us at birth.

Our current Congress and Administration are doing all they can to “Force” their agenda and ill will upon us all.

So what are we to do about this?    I ask you, what are you going to do to help save our Republic, of the people, by the people?  What are you willing to sacrifice to regain your lost freedom and liberties?

Are you going to live your life, day to day, business as usual?  Or are you going to make a stand , as I am and tell your government… Enough,  No more.

I ask everyone who wants to live in a Free Republic to seriously think about our nation and what bleak future awaits us if we don’t make a major change and elect candidates who support Freedom, Liberty, Free Markets and Limited Government.

I was brought up to respect authority, but to always question authority and to never trust the government.  Today, with our current situation, I have trouble even trying to respect our hubris infected government.   Honesty and Integrity are the cornerstones that respect is built upon.  I feel that our elected representatives must possess these characteristics to be fit to hold office.   Sadly, there is no more than a handful in our government that  would even come close.  We must remedy this and elect people who will listen to their constituents and respond through actively supporting and defending our Constitution and our unalienable rights to Freedom and Liberty.

In closing, Please become active in the election process. Vote in those who best represent you and let them know that you will hold them accountable.  We the people are wide awake now, with our eyes wide open.

For Liberty!

David Kelly

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