Liberty on the Rocks – Trivia Night

Let’s have some fun and test your knowledge of American History, American Politics, The Founders and or the U. S. Constitution as we play a few rounds of LOTR Trivia. That’s right… It’s Trivia Night, this Tuesday, May 11th  5:30pm – 7:30pm.

So please join us as we gather at the Dublin House (1850 Dominion Way, Colo. Spgs. 80918) in the name of Liberty to enjoy some “Tavern Style Politics in the Tradition of our Founding Fathers”.

Liberty on the Rocks is today’s gathering place where you can become acquainted with others who believe in freedom and where we can share our thoughts and ideas on ways to restore liberty in America.

We are a non-partisan, non-profit, social organization that seeks to unite individuals, regardless of political affiliation, who desire liberty. With the goal of facilitating networks, friendships and intelligent conversation.

Liberty on the Rocks seeks to initiate the energy and dialogue necessary to move America from the grassroots up, toward the constitutional principles of freedom used to found this nation

Upcoming events:

May 25th: Leland Baker, author of Tea Party Revival

For more info, contact: David Kelly: 719.237.4598

Disclaimer: Speakers/Guests/Articles do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Colorado Springs Liberty On The Rocks, and Colorado Springs LotR does not endorse any candidate in any election.

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