What others are saying about the Liberty Workshop hosted by Liberty on the Rocks…


“Interactive methodology is far preferable and informative than typical lectures. Keep it up!”


“It was very helpful to mingle with others interested in liberty – particularly with the optimistic presentations on virtue and communications. Liberty lovers do not get enough on presenting moral arguments, so seminars like this are essential.”


“Thank you for this training. I feel more equipped to fight for liberty and free enterprise!”
-Lars Lone of the Wyoming Policy Institute


“Thank you so much for coordinating this seminar; it was very informative.”
-Belinda Ayers


“Thanks to Amanda and the Independence Institute for organizing and hosting the great event yesterday on free-market economics and the philosophical underpinnings of liberty. The feedback I’ve heard is that people enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.”
-Ari Armstrong


“I have rarely seen an audience so eager to learn the fundamentals of economics and liberty. The sold out crowd was engaged and excited for every lecture and hands-on activity. I spoke to numerous participants who said that they could not have spent their Saturday any better – even those who drove from Colorado Springs over an hour away! There is no doubt in my mind that we have a large untapped market, thirsting for knowledge that we can deliver. If we were to put on another training course, we’d sell out again. I guarantee it.”
-Justin Longo


“It left me thinking quite a bit about what was said, what I learned, what I need to become more in-tune with, how I can become a better leader and that’s just the short list.  Bottom line: it was well worth my time and effort spent on attending and participating at last Saturday’s event.”
-Denver workshop attendee


“I enjoyed this day-long seminar very much. It was beneficial in that it lasted a full day and everyone there had plenty of opportunity to speak out, be heard and ask questions. It was highly interactive, which helps me to learn and remember better. The suggestions on how to change someone else’s views were highly beneficial. I appreciate the opportunity to have been here.”
-Denver workshop attendee


“Today, my approach to contemporary problems has shifted from a facts only approach to a personalization approach. I have also gained a greater understanding of the free lunch myth and how taxes are a form of aggression.”
-Denver workshop attendee


“I learned how to approach people who don’t spend their time studying politics or economics and have an effective conversation with them.”
-Denver workshop attendee


“I learned how to better explain the truth behind “price gouging” when it occurs during catastrophes like hurricane Katrina. I also learned how to respond to the claim that “women earn 30% less than men for the same job”.
-Denver workshop attendee