LOTR(RR) NO 4/16 Meetup, plus Summer Schedule

Liberty on the Rocks (Red Rocks) Summertime Schedule

Red Rocks will dial it back a notch over the summer and only hold one meeting per month through August. Enjoy your time in the sun, vacations, and watching the Rockies!

Be sure to watch for venue details with each meetup invitation.

2012 Summertime Schedule

May 7

June 4

July 2

August 6

No meetup will be held on April 16th!

If giving up Liberty on the 3rd Monday of our summer months is too much of a burden for you, please feel free to host/coordinate a backyard or patio bar meetup. I would be happy to notify our followers if you write up the details of the event. Also, ideas and suggestions on promoting Liberty and defending our freedoms are always appreciated. After all, Liberty is yours and only you can protect it! Just saying:)

Atta boys for our chapter advisory committee, our members that our stepping up with new ideas and suggestions, our Concealed Carry instructor Kyle Peters and all of our class attendees, and to all that came out to support the Red Rocks chapter at our 3 Year anniversary celebration!

Freedom Rocks!

Jeff Sacco

Chapter President


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