More on Obamacare

It really isn’t any surprise that a politician, or the populace, would encourage doing something that has been a proven failure.  Take government run healthcare for example.  Not only can you find many examples of its failure by looking at either Britain or Canada, but you can also see these examples in the United States! The Massachusetts plan that was supported by Governor Mitt Romney has been an utter failure.  While they tried to force everyone to have health insurance, there are still 200,000 uninsured about three years later, and many of those that now are insured are done so at taxpayer expense.  Costs have risen along with wait times to see a doctor.  No surprise there.  Check out a great site called Patient Power Now to read more about how detrimental it will be to our country if we went with the public option to health care.

In addition to Massachusetts, Oregon is also a great example of what our future will hold if we pass government run healthcare.  Linda Gorman, Health Care Policy Center Director at the Independence Institute in Colorado, states, “…the Oregon Health Plan is the first government health care program anywhere in the world that has drawn up a formal procedure for rationing.” She goes on to explain something all of us should already know – when the choices are dictated by politicians, the money will be spent on what is most politically popular, not what is right.  Honestly, how could we not see this coming?  Here is a great video by the Independence Institute entitled Health Reform, that will give you a better idea of how the system in Oregon works, and how it could soon be coming to a state near you!